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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I love em, except for the fact the purple ones make your hands smell for the rest of the day. I cut them up for a sandwitch in the morning and can smell the damn things on my hands still. Washed hands in hot water with soap no luck.

    Any old tricks anyone knows of to rid the smell? (and don't say 'don't put them on your sandwitch').


  2. Lemon juice?
  3. or vinegar.
  4. Military gasmask and filter?
  5. I have/ had the same problem Matty. Go to a kitchen/home supplies store, there is a good one on Lizzy street just down from Mars leathers, near bernards magic store. Ask for a Stainless Steel soap bar. Yes I have one and yes it works.

    Warm water and rub the S/S bar over your hands under it and it rids them of the smell. When I smoked, it even got rid of that smell from my fingers.
  6. washing up detergent.
  7. +1, these things are awesome! I was handed one once and asked, what the hell is rubbing my hands on a bit of metal going to do?? And sure enough!! Better than soap or lemon!

    Anyone know how these work? Is it at a molecular level?
  8. Doesn't work properly ibast. Cut an onion on a chopping board, wash with morning fresh and have a smell when it's dry. mmmmm onion with your next apple! lol

    Other than dishwaher powder (highly caustic) and the heat generated by a dishwasher, nothing really works that I have found. Soap masks the smell, a bit like a taxi drivier. He sprays himself halfway through a shift and if your unlucky enough to get him when the perfume wears off, muthatrucker smell!
  9. I looooove onion finger smell.

    That is all.
  10. The smell from onions is predominantly sulphur, sulphur reacts with steel, no more sulphur smell.
  11. Trust our resident chemist/geologist/brewer/whatever you do to know the facts ;)

    There is a lot of other smells i like better on my fingers than onions.

    That is all... ;)
  12. Ahh good 'ol onions, giving that kissing fresh breath.
  13. I find that smothering my fingers in fresh crushed garlic does a great job of hiding the onion smell.


  14. Onions are like beautiful women:

    They are unique and special.
    They enhance fine dining experiences.
    They have many layers.
    You have to try really hard not to cry while cutting them up.
  15. You do?
  16. You should do stand up Ktulu!! I just cleaned my screen, now I need to do it again. :LOL:
  17. Yeah.
    Doesn't everyone love their mum?
  18. blow your nose

    a lot of the time its because you have the smell in the mucus of it which is why no matter how many times u wash u can still smell it.

    or cut onions under water.
  19. I can't hold me breath for very long