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O'nighter Bris to Bundaberg Sep 29-30 (Learner Friendly)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by jd, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Continued from here:

    Okay, so since nobody's expressed a definite interest so far I'm going to go ahead and lock in a date for this weekend (the 29-30th). Plan is still basically the same, with the intent being to cross over the mountains and take the inland route up to Bundaberg on the Saturday:

    Next morning would be a late start, with the intention of getting to the Bundaberg Distillery for the 10am tour (or 11am tour if need be). The afternoon would then be spent taking a more direct route back down the A1/M1 back to Brisbane (with maybe a detour through the Tuan State Forest).

    Ride pace will be fairly relaxed, with plenty of stops along the way. So any learners who can maintain highway speeds, and are confident in overtaking cars on single lane roads, are more than welcome to come along (I'll be on a 250 myself so I shouldn't be too difficult to keep up with). So all up should be a fairly full but relaxed weekend of riding, drinking, touring a distillery and more riding. :)

    If anyone's interested let me know and we can sort out a meet point/time for the Saturday (anything between Woolloongabba and Ipswich works fine for me).

    Oh and yes I am well aware that this is the AFL Grand Final Weekend. Which is exactly why I want to be anywhere but near a TV that is showing the match.
  2. I would have like to join you on this one, but Riverfire is on the 29th.
  3. No worries. Fair chance I'll be planning something very similar to the South for a weekend in October, as there's a new brewery opening in Port Macquarie I'm interested in checking out (as well as the existing brewery).
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  4. Have an awesome trip, jd! I might be keen on a south run if/when you plan one. :)
  5. Okay, even though I was the only one who actually went on this trip I figure I might as well write up a trip report for those who missed it an/or might be planning something similar themselves.

    Day 1
    Began like most of my trips seem to do with a near crash close to home, though at least this time it wasn't me that was the target. I left home around 8am but stopped behind a 4wd ute a few blocks from home as the streets were narrow and the gap to the left had been occupied by a group of at least 8 or more cyclists (or road crayons) sitting two-abreast. When the lights turned green one of the aforementioned crayons. located second from the back, got a serious wobble on and fell over - only to literally have their arse run over by the 4wd. The impact was enough for the (middle aged, female) driver of the 4wd to stop - only to be very quickly swarmed on by members of the rest of the crayon pack (who were well ahead of the incident and could not have possibly seen a thing) accusing her of running over their friend. Only when myself, and one of the riders from the rear of the pack stepped in to point out it was the stupidity of the rider himself that caused the collision did they let the poor woman go.

    With that out of the way I made good progress to the first fuel stop at the BP in Blacksoil, Warrego Highway - where I was screwed over on the basis that the only 91 unleaded they had was polluted with ethanol, and the untainted 95 octane was ridiculously overpriced. At my first proper stop, just south of Ivanhoe Dam, I discovered that I'd forgotten to put a memory card in my camera. A particularly annoying fact given I had actually stopped to think whether to pack a spare card -and decided against it.

    Passing through Nanango I saw a sign pointing towards Kingaroy - and figured since this was a town I had at least heard of before there should be a fair chance of picking up an SD card without being screwed to much on price. Seeing a Harvey Norman store on the fringe of town I decided to stop, and asked one of the sales assistants for the cheapest possible card they I had. I expected to be a little bit screwed over on price given I normally buy my cards off ebay, but they offered me a 16gb one for $30. Certainly not as cheap as what I've paid online (especially since it was only a Class 4) - but given the circumstances, and the fact the marked price was $65, I must give some credit to Harvey Norman, Kingaroy for helping me out :). Since I was in the town I figured I may as well also check out the Peanut factory - the only reason why I knew the town existed:

    Of course whilst I was taking pictures one of the locals insisted I take one of them - which I think sums up the town quite nicely :p
    (Very much a bogan town, but in the nicest possible way)

    Coincidentally there was actually some sort of HD meet in the town around the same time as I arrived. But as these were the sort of HD riders that wore spotlessly clean HD branded leathers, and immaculately polished bikes, all had their heads so firmly wedged up their own arses they were incapable of even acknowledging my existence.

    Getting back onto the Brisbane Valley Highway things were rather uneventful - though I was surprised by just how dry things are on the Western side of the mountains. In a way though it kinda felt like home, in the sense that if reminded me a lot of Western Victoria during the past few years of drought.

    Further along I decided to deviate from my original planned router of passing through Childers to go through Gin Gin instead - purely because of the town's name (and that I remember once hearing that they once tried to change the name to be more politically correct). Was actually surprised to find how large a town it was, and from there took the most direct route across to Bundaberg. Checked into the motel around 3:30 pm (was going to opt for a tent site, but the threat of storms made me choose otherwise).

    Knowing that sitting around after a long ride is the worst thing you can do I decided to take a walk and get a few photos. Crossing over the main (green) bridge I noticed another road bridge to the West and figured I'd cross back over that. Only when I got to it did I realise that it was a vehicle only bridge, and that I'd have to retrace my steps :tantrum:.

    After doing that, and taking a wander through the CBD, it was several hours (and several kms of walking) before I got back to my room. So with my original idea of sourcing supplies from the nearest supermarket swarted by QLD's stupid trading hours I was forced to go with Plan B - a 6-pack of beer and some Chicken from the bottle shop and Red Rooster next door to the hotel

    Day Two
    After a relaxed start to the morning I checked out and made my way to the Bundaberg Distillery by 9:30.

    First tour started at 10 so I was certainly early enough to ensure I got a place. Tour itself I found quite interesting, and it finished up around 11 with a couple of free drinks at the bar. I spent about another hour chatting to a couple of people I'd met on the tour (for some reason I seem to attract pensioners like flies), which at least gave the drinks time to settle down.

    Plan was to head through Hervey Bay, though did hit major roadworks just out of Bundaberg (on the Bruce Highway) where the combination of a road surface of loose gravel mixed with wet clay, combed with a total c*nt driving a rental Minibus inches from my rear tyres saw me taking the several kms of roadworks at a speed not exceedimg 30kph :cool:.

    Stopped for fuel near Tornbinea since I was getting fairly close to empty - only to discover a petrol station that was strangely deserted. After wandering inside and making some noise I eventually got the attention of a woman who came out and started the pumps - then stood next to me chatting whilst they smoked a cigarette :shock:. Moving on to Hervey Bay the rain started to set in - so I did stop for quick bite to eat in the hope it might blow over. When this appeared not to be the case I decided to press on, with the rain fortunately clearing soon after.

    From there it was a fairly straightforwarded highway run, passing through Maryborough (since I'm familiar with its namesake in Victoria), then stopping briefly in Gympie for fuel (partly because it was necessary, but mostly because I find he town name amusing). From there it was just a straightforward highway run back home to Brisbane - getting in around 6:30pm.

    So all up it was a little over 1.000kms for the weekend. All in all not a bad trip, and certainly one I'd recommend for any Brissie riders looking to fill in a couple of days :).
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  6. Ha, I did warn you about those road works. Good to see you had fun, you basically did the same route i did except i didn't get to Kingaroy or Hervey Bay.

    Did you bring back any souvenirs??????
  7. Yep, grabbed a couple of bottles of their Royal Liqueur - which gets a couple of Xmas presents out of the way early. Not really a fan of the liqueur myself, and lets just say I have an "alternative source" for small batch boutique rum ;)

    And yes I know you warned me about roadworks - but I forgot what road it was :LOL:. As it was the other alternative was through Childers, which would have actually put me fairly close to the time and location of that serious head on collision between the truck and the 4wd.

    Already planning the next trip for later this month, this time to somewhere to the South.
  8. Sounds like you got the golden reserve, nice. ;) I did a search for the port barrel when I got home, and I got lucky. Just waiting for a good time to share it around. I found the liqueur to be similar to kahlua, which I don't mind.

    When are where are you thinking of going for the next trip?
  9. Next trip will likely be either the weekend of the 20th, or the 27th.

    I'm considering basing it around the new Black Duck brewery that's opening in Port Macquarie, but still waiting to see if that happens on time (and if they do tastings on a Sunday morning). If not might have to look into something else around the northern part of NSW that's worth visiting.

    Edit: Byron Bay might also be an option, but only if I can find a suitable long way to get there and back (have to stick to my first rule of touring, which is to avoid riding the same road twice in the one trip).
  10. But what if its a really really good road?
  11. Then it just means I have to do it in the reverse direction some other time :).

    It's just the way I do things. I get bored seeing the exact same scenery twice in one weekend.
  12. i have to agree with that. I planning a trip to jenolan at the end of this year and it's do the same road twice, different directions, or get stuck on the pacific highway.