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ongoing sore left hand at base of thumb from riding?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kursed, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. anyone else get this? I am having ongoing pain in my thumb joint since i started riding. I am trying to be relaxed on the bike (not gripping the bars like a monkey in a cyclone) but I am still getting a pretty sore hand for days afterwards... hasn't gone away at all either!

  2. What sort of gloves you got? Its probably cause you ride aggressively and scare yourself! thats why your grip is like a monkey
  3. just my left hand. throttle hand is fine. I am positioning my hands as the HART instructor urrr instructed, by having my wrists slightly lower than my hands, etc
  4. Dont be tense. Try different grips or different gloves.
    Hopefully you'll soon become conditioned to riding.
    My right hand goes numb after a while but the left is fine. I just give it a shake as often as I can and its all sweet. Everyone is different.
  5. I get that on my right hand, same spot as you say. But I beleive mine comes from a number of getoffs in early years on dirt bikes. Times when I almost ripped my thumb off my hand.

    In my case (no laughing please) it goes away after two tank fulls, about 800k and I don't have it after that. So if I rode short day rides I would mosty likely have it on every ride.

    Its quite painful after 50klms and on to around 150klms into a ride.

    There is more to that than appears, I would not class myself as fit in the normal sense of it. But I am very riding fit.
  6. i seem to gt a sore right wrist after riding... i try not to grip the bars hard though... may just be bad positioning....definately muscles though as ithurt when i turn wrist quickly....may also have damaged it when moving house though:(
  7. If any of you guys can figure out how to stop sore wrists, hands or whatever, please, let me know. I have yet to ride a bike that doesn't give me cramps or whatever in the past 30 years.

    And NO, I'm not looking at a cruiser. If I want to ride in that form of comfort I might as well drive the car...
  8. loosen up your shoulders, and hold the bike with your legs ;)

    there is a nerve in your hand that runs between your thumb and forefinger, if pressure is applied to it, you will notice soreness. whilst you may not be squeezing the grip, you are more than likely placing your weight on your hands.
    i find that if i keep in mind to loosen my shoulders, the rest loosens up by itself :)
  9. :LOL: lets all ride fatboys haha

    Its definately cause people put alot of pressure on the thumb area to grip stretch before you ride :p
  10. 2 tips that I find work quite well:

    1) Grip thickness: most bikes seem to come with pretty narrow grips nowdays which makes the thumb joint rest directly on the handlebar. Add some vibes to this and you get numb thumbs. I wrap my grips with squash racquet grip tape to add sponginess and thickness.

    2) Install a throttle lock for long highways. $40 plus installation that is priceless if you are going to be sitting at the same speed for more than an hour. Nothing like giving the wrist and fingers a stretch without having to stop.

    I ride an FZ1 if anyone's interested.
  11. I got that exact same thing!

    Hurt alot for a few days after.
    It was cos I'm not used to using the clutch. The hours of practice of starting and stopping and going very slowly really took it out on my left hand.

    I just figure its going to get a lot stronger now.
    And relaxing will probably have something to do with it too.
    Obviously you can't grip like hell with your right hand so the left was working overtime.

  12. My R/H has been much better since i installed heated grips which are larger in diameter than standard grips.
  13. hehe maybe I should break out the ol hand gripper strentheners again - the ones with the 2 handles and a spring between them...
  14. kursed not such a bad idea, weeks before a big ride I use one of those squeeze balls while sitting here in the evening online.
  15. ahhhh, thats why i have strong hands! :p :p :p :p
  16. what gloves do you have? I had the same problem with a pair of RST gloves that had a hard seam right in the vee at the base of my thumb.
  18. Uncle Chop-chop says to harden the f*#k up.
  19. thats why he squeezes his balls :p