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Ongoing entertainment supplied by......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AussieCowboy, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I'm starting a new Sports Bike Club for Victorians.

    All Types and make owners accepted as long as you own a "sports" class bike.

    Organised rides, BBQ's, charity and social events for sports bike enthusiasts. No age restrictions. Guys and Gals welcome.
    Free membership. Nameing and club structure will be decided democratically by the members.

    If you love "sports" bikes as I do, and would enjoy organised rides and social events with other enthusiasts then drop me a line for further details.
  2. Kinda what we've got here, isn't it? ;)

    Still, if you've got more rides, can't complain. :D
  3. When will these WEST AUSSIES band together and have a bike club. BBQs what more could any one want.
  4. Why don't you just give us further details here rather than saying something along the lines of ...

    "I'm making a new club and it's going to be super wicked cool! There's gunna be lions and tigers and bears, and a magical faraway tree which sings us songs at night time to help everyone sleep easy! Uhh, I can't tell you about our secret handshake here though because the whole point of starting a cool crazy super secret club for wicked ninja pirate dudes and dudettes, and their partners, is making it a hassle for people to join or find out any info!"?

    I'm not implying the club won't be neat or that nobody will be interested, but it kind of sounds like you're talking about "gunna's". Maybe get some of the groundwork in place and be up front with people - will probably find a lot more folks are interested that way?
  5. There's already a club with very similar goals, activities, and aims in Victoria, which is celebrating it's 50th year anniversary this year.

    Motorcycle Sports Touring Club of Victoria

    They ride every Sunday.
    Sporty bikes catered for (but not mandatory)
    Well organised rides, with leader, rear rider, and corner markers so no one gets lost.
    Frequent weekend trips, BBQ's, Social events and activities.
    Open to all ages, all sexes.
    Free to ride with them.
    Nominal fee for membership to participate in democratic voting in club.
    and so on.

    List of 2005 activities
    (Incomplete) list of upcoming 2006 activities - Still under construction
  6. There are shitloads of motorcycle clubs already in vic caetering for all tastes, sports bikes probably the most common factor in them all.

    Why recreate what is already in existence many times over already?

    Also according to your conditions of entry, it's not going to be open for single people that ride sportsbikes, it's not going to open for married people that ride sportsbikes and their parnters don't ride.

    Heck it's not even open if I ride a Busa and she rides a Virago, f(&k that can find better places to hang than your "new" sports bike club.
  7. Hey, here's an idea. I'm going to go down to the local RSL, join up and then put a notice on the Events Board about saying that I'm starting a special club, just for ex-servicemen. After all, since those sorts of people tend to congregate at RSLs, that would be the ideal place to advertise a special-interest club......
  8. Author reply.

    Roflmfao.....gees theres alot a bored folks out there huh. Nothing better to do than bag someones idea. After recently returning from the states and seeing many "sports" class only! clubs there i got the idea maybe some Victorian enuthusiast might like a club like that here. I know there
    is already an open class club in victoria....duh, its open class!!!....not sports only...as for members with sports bike and partners with virago's...lmao, then your hardly a sports bike enthusiast family and as pointed out have the option of joinging open class touring. Thats the f@#$kn point...options!!!! Duh!! :p

    Quote - Give a man options,and the world is his pallet....or should it be and the whiners and no lifes will come outta the woodwork :p
  9. Well so far you're not providing any options that are not currently catered for by a host of other clubs already in existence.

    What is this "sports" only club going to do or offer it's members that's so different? It's going to be exclusively "sports".....that's your only selling point so far?

  10. AC the USA has a population of 280 million, millions of whom ride motorcycles.

    Australia has a population of the state of Georgia, around 20 million, and a motorcycling population which is microscopic by comparison.

    If that population is fragmented into tiny, tiny sub-groups, all you end up with is tiny, tiny sub-groups.

    I'm not rubbishing you, it's just that for every motorcyle rider in this country there are already a dozen or more clubs to which he or she can belong; unless you can concoct some highly-arcane difference that isn't already covered, I can't see much scope for your idea.
  11. Nah there's always room for a bunch of like-minded people to get together. Good luck to him, it's just a bit not on to be publicising using the facilities of another club.
  12. Hey AussieCowboy I will be your first member, rofl

    I'm all up for different clubs since it will have different events.

    I even follow other riders when they're out and about if it looks like they're riding somewhere fun.
  13. author reply

    Advertising a new club on this site was approved by Jason in an email to me....if you assume, u make an ass outta u and me.

    Assumeing i didnt get permission, it would be removed anyways.
  14. Okay so your idea is a club for sportsbikes only huh. So a CBR250 could join but the owner of a sportstourer like a Hyabusa must stay away because what, you're worried they'd hold up your ride days :LOL:
  15. So, what $%^&& oath of *&&^% allegience do I need to *&^&^*((() to belong to this ^%$$## club??? :LOL:
  16. Author reply

    If i need to explain to u that a "sports" class bike would obviosly include...superbike...sportsbikes...sports tourers...as they all obviously have sports in the class name...then hmmmm, do we really want you as a member...hmmm, well, we would need someone to hold own helmets at ride break stops...ok, your in!!! :p
  17. Re: Author reply.

    Perhaps look a little further afield? http://www.hangmore.com.au/ is exactly what it seems you are trying to create?
  18. Aussiecowboy, the first time I read this post (before it was edited) you made reference to "no Old Farts"
    Has that changed?
    What do you consider is an "Old Fart"?
    I'm willing to ride with almost anybody, and also smart enough to realise that you can learn from all age groups,

    anyway enough flame....... what do you ride, how long have you been riding and where do you ride????????
  19. Re: author reply

    Your first post was deleted, and your user account locked. You realised why, and your account was unlocked. I had no problem with you posting about looking for interest in starting a new sportsbike club, after all that's what Netrider is about - "connecting riders" .....

    BUT, in doing so you have to accept people's opinions and feedback about your idea, without abusing them when you don't like some of those opinions with name calling such as "whine"[rs] "f@#$k", and "nerdrider".
  20. author reply

    ...i stand by nerdrider.....and old farts as i was refering to the ulysess club and its restrictions on younger riders...also, yes u deleted my first post....as u imformed me due to CAPS...as for opinions.....and "whiners"...well, thats my opinion, and yeah...whiners!!!....btw, please!!!...ive seen much worse than whiner used in forumm...so dont target me for it. Delete this too, or is free speach and opinions only for those YOU agree with ? :p