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Ongoing costs: tickets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blackadder, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. As a motorcyclist I love the twisties. I love the acceleration and speed that comes with it. Sure, I regularly commute to get ahead of traffic and park easily, but for me this has never been the primary motivation behind this madness.

    So it is fair then, to assume that I will end up with a bad driving record. Yes, you could say "don't get caught" or "speed in the right place". But eventually, as you get faster, you'll get caught. Probably once, twice, thrice, or more. I can't see how, in the long run, you could get away from this fact. Until now, when calculating my ongoing costs, I thought I included everything from tyres, chains, fuel, oil, etc. Now I realize that speeding tickets are an ongoing cost.

    I'm sure there are those who would "never" speed and always do the "right" thing. That's cool. But I can't resist a good road. Let's face it, you don't have to be riding fast to break the rules.

    So how many of you long-time riders have a clean record? What's your yearly budget on tickets ? :D
  2. Have you factored demerit points into your equation?
  3. Couldn't call myself a long term rider by any stretch but nearly 2 years in and no issues.

    Hardly even see cops on the road. Just lucky I guess.
  4. I have been driving for nearly 9 years and riding for 5 years...so haven't been on the road long. Haven't got a fine from either modes of transportation yet *touch wood*. I think my luck is running out though, so I behave a bit more these days...can't afford the cost of a fine.
  5. I have had a driving license (car) for 29 years and a riders license for 16 years.

    In that time I have lost 3 points for a dodgy neg driving charge - long story short I had a minor fender bender at less than walking pace and the silly biatch in front reported it to the police (she was trying to claim whiplash - and ended up getting charged with making a false statement and attempted fraud).

    I have never been booked for speeding. That's not to say I don't speed or that I've never been caught, just that I've never been booked.

    Edit: I consider myself quite lucky, but I'm also not stupid enough to speed where I KNOW there is a better than even chance of getting caught.
  6. About 12 years on road bikes I guess and my arse is still virgin.
  7. Nope. Last year was over $1K & loss of license to go with that.

    All little things, nothing more than 15K over either, like you say, you don't have to be going fast...
  8. 15k over and $1000 + loss of license? Sounds a bit dodgy to me...
  9. You're telling me! :) Bloody vicpol.

    Also included 2 x overtake on single unbroken line, 1 x no helmet, etc. So not just speeding. Loss was for points.
  10. I think tickets is the most expensive part of my motorbike ownership right now.

    Back in Sweden I have managed to get 2 tickets of about $300 in total with my car in 6 years.

    Down here, I have managed to get 5 tickets totaling well above $1500 in six month. There is cameras everywhere in Sydney! I don't even speed "on purpose", just missing a sign here or forgot to check the speedo there...
  11. On bikes? One point and $150 for 97 in an 80 six years ago, nabbed by what must have been the first rear facing camera in WA.

    Otherwise, $75 (edited from an unduly pessimistic $150 after middo prompted me to check :oops:) and no points for 87 in an 80 a few months ago in my wind-up Suzuki van.

    Apart from those two, I have a completely clean record, both here and in the UK after 27.5 years holding a car licence and 22 for a bike.

    I've not exactly been a goody two-shoes either, but I do believe in a time and a place. I did get very lucky on one occasion in the UK though. I overtook an unmarked car one night, banging it off the rev-limiter in all the gears. In spite of having irrefutable evidence of my comfortably triple digit (in real numbers, not your namby-pamby cheese eating kilometer bullshit) naughtiness, the cop chose not to book me but to deliver, in his words, "a good verbal bollocking" which amounted to "don't ****ing do that again where I can see you" :D.
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  12. You would hate Victoria then...hidden cameras with no signage.
  13. That made my day
  14. I reckon on about $150 per year is about right for me. I tend to get done on the open road doing <10 above the limit, which in WA is $75 and no points. Whenever I get asked "Are you aware of the speed you were doing?" I always reply that looking at the speedo would ruin the enjoyment of the riding experience. It usually gets a chuckle, and often I just get a warning for it.
  15. 18 years of driving = clean record
    3 years of riding = 2 tickets

    I've started budgeting on 1 demerit & fine per year. Not from having fun in the twisties - but from doing 55 in a 50 zone in the CBD >-|
  16. I must add that if I still lived in Victoria I doubt I'd still have a license.
  17. is it really that great outside of vic?
  18. in 2.5 years riding ive got 3 demerit and 1 demerit point fines
    $244 + 120 or so i think by memory?

    then i go and get a $489 fine for urinating in public. i think im gonna stick with riding lol
  19. since i bought my VFR earlier this year it has earned me nearly a third of its value in infringement notices.

    Mate **** off 500$ for pissing in public. that should be a human right.
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  20. Back home (Toronto, Canada) I had two tickets in 11 years of having licence. I've been in Melbourne now three years or so and I'm at 10 points. And that's with getting 3 friends to take points for me. An absolute joke here. Makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

    Over the span of 3 years if you get done doing 5km/h over the limit 12 times you lose your licence. WTF?!