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one wheel bandits

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yamahawk, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. As I was cruisin down the island on sunday ,I saw bike headlites movin up fast behind me. My mate and I moved over to let em go.We were doin 120 or so and as they got to us they popped the front wheel up,stood up and did mono's side by side at speed for about 1 km. these blokes were on R1's and were obviously pretty handy on the bike. I have an R1 and wish I could do that sort of thing. I'm not usually one for acknowleging such behaviour but these bloke made my day and were f*&$%@ awsome.I love GP weekend!!!

  2. Yes they probably did look pretty cool, until one of them came off and took you with them.. :shock:

    Exact reason why i dont go to the GP... :evil:
  3. It was me. :cool: :jerk: :LOL:
  4. Someone's pissed they couldn't get tickets! :p :cool: :LOL:
  5. Police caught two motorcyclists executing "monos'' (back wheel riding) and impounded both bikes.

    Total idiots and assholes in my book. These clowns are the ones that get resposible riders a bad reputation. Doing a mono on an open road is crazy - imagine if your child got hit, etc.

    Lock them up
  6. +1 and it us that cop it
  7. Then it wouldn't be on an open road then would it? :roll:.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of skyward action on an open road.
  8. I dont think they should be locked up thats rediculous. Sure they weren't being sensible but they did it on a big 2 lane country highway. The real idiots are those who do it on suburban streets.
  9. Why would your children be on the road? You somekinda bad parent?

    It seems all the people that complain about this behavior is the people that can't do any of that stuff so that just think its "dangerous", once people learn to do it all they have a different view on it.
  10. Ah shit you found me out.. :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Hey wheelies are easy for me i just have to turn the throttle, i just choose not to .. :roll:
  12. so blue does that mean I'm a bad person :oops:
  13. You any good at them? if yes(meaning you can hold them decently)? do you consider them safe?
  14. So they are doing at least 120km/h - obviously more with basically no forward vision. I car could be broken down and a small child could possibly wander on to the road.

    My point is that if they were riding normally then they might be able to see what's going on.

    I hope you realise that it's this sort of bad publicity and your comments egging them on that get quoted to the police and government. Just remember forums are public so dont be shocked to see your comments like Nothing wrong with a bit of skyward action on an open road.

    quoted in the Herald Sun!
  15. what ever
    sorry for being so hmmmm well old
    I wheelstand and do it well
    i can see over my screen and if i was in an area were there was a risk
    I dont do it
  16. You are very bad.. :wink:
  17. You can see heaps easy when your doing a wheelie. Just look around the side of the bike, down past the front wheel or if your standing up you have more vision then you would normally riding your bike.

    Bad publicity is what i do. :wink:
  18. I will be honest i dont do them well and i choose not to do them at all.. I am not saying nobody should do them at all, what i am saying there are the right places and times for this stuff, and when you around other riders, well in my eyes thats a bad time.. :wink:
  19. I pity the journalist who is reduced to quoting somebody named "Haggismaen" off of a public forum.

    Oh noes!!!111oneone Motorcyclists getting a bad rap! All the hugs, kisses and lack of monos in the world isn't going to change that.
  20. Wheelies are cool. The Herald Sun can quote me all they like.
    Some guy on a cherry red R1 once did a small wheelie as they passed me, I was still smiling when I got home.