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One thing that I see EVERY day on the bike that amazes me still

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. …is how many people are out there with 2 (or even 3!) brake lights burned out. I usually tap on the window and point to the back of their car to get 'em to roll down the window so I can inform them, and invariably they're mystified that such a thing happens. Amazing.

    Today it was nice though because I got a blast of icy cold air conditioned breeze from her bimbo box SUV :angel:
  2. see you're in Victoria, where cars aren't required to pass a roadworthy inspection before registration

    just think, all those cars with bung lights probably have lousy brakes, windscreen wiper blades worn out and all sorts of other things that make them a danger to be near
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  3. Yeah I know, I also see AT LEAST one person every night with only one working headlight.
  4. I recently started working at BMW service centre and it's amazing how many people have brake lights and reverse lights out and no one notices until we look over the car. I don't know how other workshops operate but when we get a car down, first thing we do is a light check. I've been working for just over a month and already replaced more brake lights than I can count!
  5. I'm with Hornet. My brain nearly exploded the first time I heard you guys don't require yearly vehicle inspections. Incredible to think the amount of shit boxes on Victorian roads.
  6. If they didn't rаpe us on the mandatory TAC bullshit, I'd potentially be ok with a safety inspection being required (theoretically. In practice, they'd screw it up beyond even what I can imagine), but it's already stupidly expensive to drive in this state. I'd settle for fix-it tickets being handed out like candy for this sort of thing.
  7. …most of which are taxis.
  8. Don't you mean registration renewal?
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  9. This state hasn't managed to understand that sending people their yearly stickers before they pay for them means that making people display the stickers is an utterly useless gesture. Either don't give the stickers until the rego is paid, or get rid of 'em altogether.

    If they can't get that right, there's no way they won't fuсk up inspections.

    EDIT: Actually we KNOW they can't get inspections right because they won't let you re-register a car written off for purely cosmetic damage unless it's made perfect again. Left of the bell curve genetic throwback jackasses.
  10. i'm dumfounded by the ones that have painted their tail lights black.
    tail light and indicators blacked out .
    why would you do that ???
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  11. NSW get a roadworthy every year, Compulsory,
  12. The sidemarkers and taillights on my car in the US were tinted, but actually lit up the correct color at the correct brightness, so that's not a big deal when done correctly.

    Plus you also get the jacktards running around with brake light bulbs in their running lights, or their rear (or for that matter front) fog lights on when there's no goddamned fog. Or have their headlights aimed wrong.

    Swear me in as a cop and give me fix-it-ticket-writing powers for a week. I won't write a single speeding ticket but man I'd non-literally jump up some peoples' assholes about some of my pet peeves :angel:

    Do we even have fix-it tickets here? That's one of the most civil things ever for things like this. For those who don't know, it's a thing where the cop goes "Hey your <thing> isn't legal because of <reason>. You have <amount> days to get it fixed and have it signed off at a police station, or it becomes a fine/vehicle gets deregistered/whatever, but if done in time it costs you only what you pay to fix it"

  13. Yes, of course, my bad syntax

    I remember back in the middle 80s a family related to a family in my church in Wesburn had a Valiant station wagon that literally had no metal from the bottom edge of the windscreen to the trailing edge of the bonnet, but it was re-registered every year.

    I KNOW you guys in Vic are getting done over in every area of driving and riding, and someone's going to come along in a minute and say that there's no proof that regular inspections lowers the number of accidents, but the fact is that it's very rare to see a vehicle in NSW with faulty lights, regardless of its age, and I can only extrapolate that into thinking that hopefully the brakes and tyres and steering, etc, are reasonably safe as well.
  14. A proper NSW pink slip inspection is of things like front ball joints, lights, horn, seat belts and so on. It's a good way to have a mechanic give you a safety checkup each year and costs bugger-all.

    Because the slip is valid for a month, I can often time a service so I don't have to make an extra appointment. It's generally a pretty good system.

    For Vic supposedly being a "progressive, innovative road safety state", I've long been astounded that there aren't even rego inspections.

    Since they're going to scrounge revenue in the name of road safety anyway, a little bit off each vehicle broadens the revenue base more evenly than pinging people with camera fines and demerit points, and actually genuinely in the name of safety.
  15. I would support yearly inspections, if it's done correctly and inexpensively. I agree that there's plenty of the cars on our roads (and indeed some motorbikes as well) that shouldn't be there any longer. Was riding behind an old Torona the other day that was blowing black, bad smelling smoke. Couldn't get past the bloody thing quick enough!
  16. Well, there are rego inspections. To register a car, you will need a roadworthy certificate, which looks over all the things you've mentioned, and some more.
  17. I drove a rust and blue coloured Holden in Qld, years ago.

    The copper in Mt Isa apologised profusely for putting my car off the road as It was obvious that I had just arrived in the Isa,

    That was Thursday afternoon, Wife and two kids in the back,

    He said the apprentices when they finished their time, and got their lead bonus's in one lump sum,

    Went straight out and bought GT HO falcons, They cant drive for shit, and if one of these kids hits me, it will cut my car in half,

    Mate at work had one the same, but the body was in good condition. Mechanically stuffed, He gave it to me,

    Sunday afternoon. the copper drives past my flat, I see him and wave him over, Using the new body and all my good mechanicals, engine, Brakes, Etc, I had converted the old car into a good one,

    He had a good look at it, was suitably impressed and took the unroadworthy ticket off it, on the spot,

    He was one really nice copper, Its a real shame that these types of coppers are now nearly extinct,

    And yes, over the years I have met some really top coppers, Gave the force a very good name,

    The modern day Gestapo, Really lower the values of the various police forces,

    Uphold the Right, Means every ones, Not just theirs,
  18. See plenty of blown lights and shit boxs in NSW.
    One taxi driver was telling me how she ignored all her dash lights dying for a few weeks. She discovered that a fuse had blown when someone ran up her ass. Dash lights and and all the lights on her cars ass were on the same circuit.
    Check the lights before you take a car or bike for a test ride. one dealer wired up a DR650's blinkers backwards.
    And one of the blokes I work with noticed his bikes blinkers were staying on. So he manually flicked them on and of for a few weeks. He never noticed the rear left blinker was blown *head desk*
  19. Emissions is not on nsw roadworthy. I have had my bike pass when they havent heard it going.
  20. Problem is, in NSW they are not always done correctly. I saw plenty of cars with one headlight out/tail lights not working when I lived up there. Not to mention blowing smoke and rusted panels.

    Thing is, a lot of (most?) drivers are clueless when it comes to basic motor vehicle maintenance to the point that they are completely oblivious to the need to regularly check such mundane things as tyre pressures/oil level/radiator coolant level/lights working etc etc. No amount of annual inspections is going to fix that.