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One thing I do know......

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guest, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. What a waste of time.......

  2. Re: I bet you didn't know !!

    Holy shit! What a dicovery! I think you should call this new phenomonen "Counter Steering". :roll: :LOL:
  3. Re: I bet you didn't know !!

    Check out article 48 and any others that catch your eye.

  4. Re: I bet you didn't know !!

    Actualy it depends, try turning right to go left at low speed siting upright :shock:
  5. c'mon, boys, be nice.... :LOL:
  6. Sarcasm, perhaps?
  7. Said he who wont stop this digital "punch-on" with a fellow moderator :roll:
  8. Re: I bet you didn't know !!

    Try it one handed. to really blow your mind. :p
  9. Hey McMechanic, you were just funning with us weren't you?? :)

    But I wont poke fun at ya for sharing some good oil. It's surprising how misunderstood countersteering actually is... when in practical terms it's pretty straight forward...

    Matt, I dig that msgroups site. :)
  10. So if I just tuck the knee out and lean, am I doing it wrong?
  11. Hey guys he's right. I tried it today.

    Good work!
  12. Can I try this on gravel at say 100km/h? Will it work?
    I also heard that if you move that funny shaped lever next to your left foot, the bike will go faster? Do I make it go down or up?
    To quote Joel's daughter "I'm so 'fused".

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. These bloody things should come with a manual!!!
  14. Strange, but only half the story!
    mid turn, you do indeed turn left for a left turn.
  15. Really..? Evidence? Links?
  16. Oh, I'd never oppose a traffic present!!

    Please Santa... can I have all idiot drivers cleared off the road for christmas! Oh, and if I've been really good, can I have a travelling blind spot for speed radars and speed cameras!!

    Thanks Santa.



  17. If you want empty roads for xmas, just stay in one of the big capital cities! Everyone goes away, roads are a pleasure, shopping a pleasure.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Okay, sorry to be blunt, but
    that is either the dumbest post I've ever seen, OR
    you are trying to get some attention (3 posts so far), OR
    you are being sarcastic, OR
    you are someone else, masquerading as a MCMechanic to boost post numbers, OR
    you are just a sick puppy.

    I'm leaning toward the dumbest post idea.

    So, you have us interested. Tell us about yourself. What are your MCMechanic credentials? How old are you and what bikes have you riden and/or maintained? For how long? Where are you located (so we can avoid roads in your area.)

    Oops. Sorry people. I'm being mean. Bad me, bad me.
  19. Lol dah u nub OP :p

    Counter steering !! :)