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NSW One step closer to a Police state

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Mar 5, 2009.

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  2. Moral of the Story: Don't let the Mormons in!

    But seriously, that is one small step away from a New World Order, the potential abuses are ridiculous.
  3. That's pretty broad.

    Downloading movies could be defined as 'computer crime'
    Lifting office supplies from work could be 'organised crime'
    Claiming too many deductions at tax time could be 'fraud'
    Graffiti could be 'destruction of property' (Yes i'm glad the first time graffiti offender didn't get the 3 months. The police were stupid to think she deserved that just cos they can't send a message any other way)

    I don't trust many police not to push the limits of this legislation to the detriment of our personal rights. There are very few that i've met that didn't have a chip on their shoulder the size of NSW.

    Shouldn't that be offences carrying a minimum of 7 years??
  4. Especially when you consider that it also covers "computer crime". Should fit in nicely with the Fed. Governments plans for internet monitoring, sorry, internet filtering.

    And what's the bet the law will never get used for corruption charges involving politicians or wealthy industrialists.
  5. fcuk me that's bad. Really, really bad.
  6. it's certainly a worry, but really what can you do :(
  7. It's worse than that. In the UK at the moment there is uproar that the police were used to search the offices of an elected MP (opposition) who'd publicised leaked documents showing government incompetence.

    Did you know that under the pretext of 'Terrorism laws', it's now illegal to march on Parliament in the UK? Something that is so enshrined in principle that it's used as an expression is now illegal.

    It is now illegal to take a photograph of a police officer if they deem that it might endanger their lives.

    The UK is fast becoming the police state that they say that they so abhor.
  8. I think it's now reached the point where the people of Australia need a formal Bill of Rights, enshrined in the constitution.

    It might have been arguable in the past that if authorities behave in an ethical manner it wouldn't be necessary, but it's now reached the point were the cumulative assault on the rights and freedom of the individual are so great that we have to start making some important decisions.

    It's starting to become common practice for legislatures to achieve their policy goals by legal compulsion, rather than by persuasion and debate. At some point we are going to have to decide whether it's freedom of choice or efficiency that we value more.
  9. id give you some suggestions, but, you know *theyre* probably watching :LOL:

    no seriously, they probably are :cry:
  10. In which case I'd just like them to know that I have committed numerous serious crimes, and stashed all the evidence at:
    Kirribilli Ave, Kirribilli, 2061, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
  11. it worries me because Australia is becoming one of those countries you read about where there was a coup by a military leader because the Government had formed a Police state.

    We've gone too far down this road. We need to back track rapidly.
  12. also, australia does not seem as united as other countries, meaning our ability to resist such change is diminished.

    if you look at america, the whole media makes a strong effort to divide the nation on as many issues as possible. annoyingly for the government, most of the population is armed to the teeth and so the government is far more covert in their social control.

    if we get to the next step of citizen identification numbers then were well on the downward slope
  13. I have a feeling this isn't far off sadly, but in some ways i sort of believe it needs to happen :(
  14. Excellent quote.

    I don't get it. This shit keeps happening in OZ and we all just bend over and take it! Attitudes like this:
    are why it's geting worse and worse. Just look at Speed enforcement - I've said it before and I'll say it again, over here in Canada Speed cameras were installed same as they are in Melbourne. The people didn't just whinge abot it and say 'Oh well', they got together and said NO! They threatened to vote the current government out unless the cameras were ripped down.

    Guess what happened?

    As Australians, we're supposed to stand for something called 'A Fair Go' aren't we? Yet we continually get shafted and just whine about it. Surely we can get together as citizens and do something? Surely one of us is smart enough to get the ball rolling?

    *Stewy, not having a go mate just using your words as an example
  15. no offense taken mate, but you mean like when people want roads built without tolls, so they vote for those that say they will do it, then once elected they don't go through with the promise??? What do you do know? walk into the their office holding guns :? thats what it's going to come too :(
  16. Come with me to Germany, i hear they have great roads with no speed limits! :shock: :wink:

    I'm seriosuly thinking about this for the future, language could be an issue though...
  17. So does the Isle of Mann - and language is less of an issue there.
    Edit: Plus if you buy a house there you'll find yourself with lots of friends at least once a year ;).
  18. one step closer to buying that black fireblade. removing all lights and mirrors and only going out in the middle of the night for a blast. :grin:
    the way australia's going this'll be the only way you can enjoy your bike in another 20 years. :evil:
    That being said, us riders are like artisans or craftsmen, and just as during other times in oppression and war, we must secretly carry on our 'artisan activities' to ensure the survival of our shared culture survives the current dark ages.
  19. I agree. The way we're going it'll be illegal to ride a bike in 20 yrs due to the "potential for serious injury" or some other crap like that. Or, speed limits will be so low that we'll all have lost our licenses. Either way, we'll all be vigilantes riding unregistered unidentifiable bikes ala the Ghostrider.
  20. If I was worried about police entering my house while I'm not there:

    - Guard dog or dogs.
    - Barbed wire fences.
    - Rose bushes / poison ivy.
    - Security cameras.

    Oh, and a sign that says something like "Caution: Asbestos in premises"... perhaps OH&S can keep out what other legislation tries to let in ;)