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one seat rego for honda cb400

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by revo400QLD, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. hi.

    does anyone know or did register honda cb400 revo as one seat rego under queensland transport.. please help me with that

    do we have to cut the seat to be on seat? are there anyway to do with the seat such as leave it as normal or have to order single seat ?

    anyone know the place that i can order or cut my seat into one seat please help me.... thanks heaps

    i live in queensland , brisbane.

    thanks for your time
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  3. Jist of it is:

    1. Cut seat in half.
    2. Remove pillion pegs.
    3. Drill thread out of pillion peg stays.
    4. Get engineers certificate and appropriate mod plate riveted to frame.
    5. Take to QLD Transport for inspection and re-registration as single seat.

    You're going to need to get the seat modified rather than simply cut in twain since on the CB400 the lock to hold the seat on is part of the pillion portion of the seat.

    You'll need to perhaps cut all the foam off the back part then have it re-trimmed.
  4. Serious question...... Just out of interest - I'm not really in the know with bikes - why do you need single seat rego?
  5. Cos (in QLD at least) dual seat is $440 and single is half.
  6. Yeah, it's as cheap as dirt to get CTP for a single seat bike. (In QLD.) I got single seat CTP for my VFR for $78!!! As opposed to the $600 I would have paid in NSW.

    This shows just how much NSW motorcyclists are getting ass-****d by a combination of greedy insurers and complicit Premiers.
  7. If you a seat cowl over the rear of the seat and remove the pegs they are pretty happy with that too. I did that with the wife's Thruxton. They didn't inspect at Qld Transport and they just did/sighted the paperwork.