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One rule for us......

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Why?

    He did burnouts on a private property. Loads of guys/girls do it every day on the farm all over Australia.

    As said in the article, it is possible a miss use of Police property, but nothing else.
  2. :WStupid:
  3. On the Gold Coast they have a cop car tricked out to do burn outs - bevans love it, cops get good PR.

    Media blew this out of proportion...AGAIN
  4. What's wrong with the PR value of the lcoal cops doing a couple of do-nuts in a private paddock??? Sheesh :roll:.
  5. Sorry, but police are suppose to set a good example. Glad you think this particular stunt is.
    Also with tax payers fugging money. Why doesn't he use his own bloody car.
    Anything that police do in public view is considered accountable IMHO.
  6. x 3

    It'd be a different story all together if he was on a public carriageway..
  7. Talk about an over reaction. Big Deal!
  8. It is a great example that there is a time and a place for everything, and the public road is not the place. No different to the cop car that used to go to the drags at Calder. Police drag racing :shock: It sent the message that the cops aren't unlike the rest of us, and enjoy the rush of speed, but again, there's a time and a place, every friday night at Calder.

    Now the copper up the road from me who rides his bike through the 40kmh school zone at 90kmh in the morning, there's a different story and I'd like to see him on ACA trying to justify his actions. :evil:
  9. storm in a tea cup personally , but less time doing burn outs and more time catching crims would be a better use of productivity.
    specially the ones within there own ranks.
  10. +4!

    You're in the minority on this one PP.
  11. Hey Rob, he taking over from Stump now? [​IMG]

    Bloody hell PP.. you've really come outta ya shell in the last few wks ma boi [​IMG]

    I don't see the harm in it..

    The Top Dog did acknowledge that to the wider community it probably wasn't
    the best thing to do, but having said that, I note that those in attendance
    sounded like they enjoyed the spectacle.. & thats the main thing..

    so what da heck [​IMG]

    As for the one rule for them, one for us.. well thats always been the case.
    Jobs come with their perks. [​IMG]

    Yet another example of drama being caused because of YouTube [​IMG]
  12. Move along, nothing to see here.... :LOL:

    I personally don't see what is wrong with that, it is a bit of good Pr like letting people blow in the bag before they get in their car to drive home from the local races/rodeo. Sure it is using police resources and is not officially sanctioned but what is wrong with it?? (except that it was caught on camera)
  13. I think it's a good thing. Cops are people too and all that. It's just a media beat up.

    So +5 or wherever we're up to now!
  14. unfortunetly camera's and the internet have fcuk up too many things that would of once would of been over looked plus the media is better at it's slim twisting monkey fcuking reporting then ever before :roll:

    as others have said a good bit of pr that went bad :roll:
  15. :LOL:



    :p :LOL:
  16. It's just about as funny as that copper that's been busted riding the mini dirt bike in the cop station and flipping it up the filing cabinet!!
  17. Like how a police officer might once use their discretion not to charge you with a minor speeding offence, but now there are cameras in their cars so they have to bust you?

  18. All right. Sort of people.

  19. Whilst I agree that a copper doing burnouts, or anyone else for that matter is not an offence in field like that. I do disagree that he used the cop car.

    My tax dollars are paying for the fuel, upkeep and replacement of those cars. I ask you, would any of you that are employers and have to upkeep your own vehicles, shrug off someone doing that in your company cars.

    The other cop cars kitted out for public demonstrations are provided for that purpose and are budgetted accordingly.