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One rule for Us....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Womble, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. On the Old road today, weather great, bike all good, mate of mine behind keeping me honest. I expect to encounter the normal hazards when out and about so wasn't annoyed when the usual numptys crossed the centre line into my path on the corners, or when the P plater in the jeep got right up my jacksie at the traffic lights.
    What really confirmed to me that you learn something new every ride was when the Po Po pulled a U turn across double solid white lines 20 metres in front of me from the side of the road. I think he was in a hurry to meet with his associates on the other side of the road.
    Felt like reporting it to the nice officer who'd pulled over some bikers further up the road, unfortunately he was deep in conversation - no doubt educating the riders on "roadcraft". Muppets.

  2. They'll kill someone one day doing that shit.

    ....oh wait
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  3. I've had an unmarked car do the exact same thing to me while I was on L's a while back. Across four lanes and a double unbroken lines =D>
  4. Had the North Sydney cops do the same to me, also across 4 lanes and double unbroken lines. It was between 10 and 10:30 pm and I was the only other vehicle on the road, and to top it off the very young looking policeman in the driver’s seat got some excellent tyre screech happening as he took off in the opposite direction, without light or sirens. As he pulled this excellent manoeuvre I let him know just how cool he was with my extra loud air horns. Thus the good look at his face as our eyes met while the police car was positioned diagonally across all four lanes.

    Long story short, the plates on the car where very easy to remember and a few day later while filling up the cage I had the pleasure of the same car with the same chap in the driver’s seat pull op alongside me. I shared some pleasant thoughts I had about him and his driving (against my wife’s wishes who was with me in the car). He was a little shocked and denied the whole thing happening. I just smiled and said, “That’s why many of us ride with HD cameras now, have a nice day officer.”
  5. So if you had it on camera, which i'm assuming you didn't but that was just a warning to the cop, who do you send it to?

    I think it was chef who brought up the cops investigating cops stuff, if you saw a cop and had it recorded doing dangerous maneuvers and endangering other people, with lights on or lights not on.. who do you report it to?

    if normal people can be done for ridiculous shit like this which can and has killed people, but the cops can do it and it be A-OK..

  6. Sorry for the hijack,

    My view is you can’t approach the police with this at all; I have reported them in the past just to be blown off or told we will look into it and get back to you. Good thing I didn’t hold my breath. The police are toothless to regulate themselves. They cover for each other and they all (except this one cop in Newtown who pulled me over just to tell me my bike was totally cool) feel that they are above the law. (Broad statement)

    You have at much chance of the police taking action against one of their own for a traffic violation as you have of catching AIDS from watching monkeys on TV.

    I am getting my Contour Roam soon and anything captured will go straight onto YouTube, followed up with a linking email to the local cop station with SMH or some other police spank happy news outlet in the CC.
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  7. Show any footage to the media - don't send it the police
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  8. Or if you live, they'll put a team of experts together and manufacture proof it wasn't their fault...
  9. Which is exactly why I didn't stop to discuss the matter with the plum that pulled across my front. I didn't want to cut into my riding time and come away with a ticket for the trouble.

    Who watches the watchers?
  10. On a slightly different note I have seen patrol cars hit the lights and sirens just to get through red lights then turn them off again. They must have been at end of shift and running late.
  11. The ****ers did it to me in the cage once, a 2t 4wd with a 2.5t yacht in tow. I was on the horn big time, swear I only missed him by a metre, after I had already predicted his move and was on the brakes. He was off to book someone for speeding, but little did the moron know he was only just off killing both of us.
  12. Yep, unfortunately these days trial by media is the norm, as much as you may hate watching ACA or TT their sensationalist crap can get results.
  13. A plod walked past Groove Lounge last night with a boxed cake in his hand.

    I warned everyone at Monday Night Coffee to watch out...

    I used to live near the top of the hill in Endeavour Hills, with a view of the Power Rd/Heatherton Rd intersection. Saw plods putting lights/sirens on just to go thru the traffic lights often.