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One registered sex offender who can live in my neighborhood

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. I think we've heard about her before but here's the sentencing info.


    TBH I reckon she shouldn't be jailed for it. I would have killed to have a dig at one of the hot teachers back at school! Except methinks I would've kept my gob shut about it so the benefits would remain! Its like every boy's fantasy and here they are punishing the chick that made it all happen!

    Although we would all cry outrage if it was a male teacher taking advantage of a female student in this way... but still! These lucky little punks got the sweetest deal a little boy can get and they repay her by letting her go down! They should've destroyed the evidence and denied, denied, denied!

  2. I reckon my music teacher wanted me.

    All those subliminal messages in class.

    doe, ray, me, fah, so, lah, tee, dah
  3. What I don't understand about the law is how SHE was charged with sexual penetration...
  4. LMAO You come up with some gold Bonk!!
  5. The boys were 14 at the time if I heard correctly. That does put things into the :shock: part of the spectrum...
  6. There are some similarities, but a couple of important differences like the ongoing behaviour and relationship - e.g. 1300 text messages and some mms'd nude pics... and the fact that she expressed no remorse and denied the charges right up to the court date...
  7. One boy was 14 the other 16 / 17.
    There is some (dubious) argument that the 17 yo "got lucky", there is no such excuse for the 14 yo.

    She was charged and convicted appropriately.
  8. When I was 14 I was feeling pretty old. When I was 17, about to graduate high school, I was most certainly an adult. Looking at kids now who are 17, let alone 14.... It's amazing just how young/immature they are even if they don't realise it. It's wrong, no two ways about it.

    Though admittedly, there are some pretty bad double standards. Women flashing their tits to a bus load of 15 year old boys = cheers from the boys and a sly smile from the teachers. A man flashing his weiner at a bus load of 15 year old girls = 000.
  9. to be fair, weiner != boobies. but your point is valid ;)
  10. shakes head at this thread!

    she had a duty of care as a teacher. she crossed the line. how ****ed up does one have to be to have a sexual liaison with a child?!

    just cus she's hawt doesn't mean she gets a free pass!
  11. Correct but still! If i'd be cheering if I was in either one of those kids shoes. We actually had a male teacher who married an alumni student. This was years before my time when he was still a young teacher of like 25. They both claim that the liasons only began after she graduated but lets be realistic, if they had feelings then, they probably did something then. In all honesty he was one of the best teachers i've had. I think the duty of care line is a bit of a push at times.
  12. She is one sick puppy...how does a mature woman get anything from a 14 year old sexually anyway ?

    She got what she deserved ...

    Id love to comment on that and explain it to ya lol but i wont in a serious thread like this.
  13. :rofl:

    Okay now that should be a convictable offense! Although admittedly it wasn't until a couple of years ago that this sadistic act was suggested to me... I responded with a disgruntled "errr... no".

    Man that's a scary thought! :eek:
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  15. It's the way the offence is worded. Both males and females can be guilty.

    ohhhhhhhh oops sorry

    A serious answer was not required?????

  16. Wouldn't even touch the sides, ya reckon?
  17. LOL nooooo nothing do with the ummm " size" of either party,

    I was meaning more a lack of " experience" ....he probably wouldnt be able to locate his own Nad Sack let alone a G spot...
    I dont wanna drop myself into something i wont be able to crawl out of later so i might leave that explanation there for now :nail:
  18. U sure? lol
  19. So you thought about it.