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One reason we should be allowed to filter/split . . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RoderickGI, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. . . . and also why we should be licenced, ride a registered bike, and get some training! (Watch the video to the end for why.)


    • He locked up the rear wheel, so probably wasn't using the front properly.
    • He left a big gap in front when he braked, instead of using all the available space and allowing more space for the car behind him to stop.
    • He didn't try to swerve into the gap between cars in front of him, which he should have done after releasing the locked rear brake and front, if he was using it.

  2. did we watch the same video? the video i saw was of a car rear-ending him...

    he seemed to be slowing down perfectly normally... the car on the other hand...

    only thing he did wrong was not checking his mirrors more often, but even then...
  3. Poor bike =\
  4. What Rod said. He did get cleaned up by the car behind, and ultimately he was not at fault, but he could have made better use of the brakes, and could have left the following car more room, and could have split the lane. Any of these things would have helped. ... and he wasn't slowing down normally - he panicked and locked the rear brake!

  5. Smoke comes streaming out of your rear tyre when you're slowing down normally? You should get that looked at.
  6. I dunno. Did you watch the video I posted a link to?

    Do you think locking up the rear while emergency braking is okay? FAIL
    Is it normal to see smoke coming off a braking bikes tyres? NO
    Shouldn't a rider know what is behind him at all times? YES
    Shouldn't a rider in that situation expect a car to rear end him? YES

    The car behind the biker was probably always going to rear end the car in front, although it looks like he backed off the brakes as he hit the rider.

    The rider didn't have to be between the two cars when they hit.

    View the video a few more times until you see what kneedragon and I did.

    When you are on a motorcycle and things go wrong near you, take one of your escape options. Don't wait to watch it happen around you. Of course, you always have at least one, and up to three escape options at all times while riding, don't you?
  7. Your face is an escape route :p
    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  8. i see the smoke now, and no that is not normal.
  9. If my understanding is correct, here in Australia swerving to avoid an accident can actually be detrimental to your legal standing so slipping between the lanes probably isn't such a good idea.

    As for his decisions regarding the use of his brakes it begs the question "why did he jump on them so heavily when he could have easily come to a rapid but controlled stop considering the space between him and the car in front?" My tip is that he wasn't experienced on any sort of bike and may have been on one too powerful for his deficient skill set.
  10. What would I have done in that situation?
    Braked and moved across beside the pickup until I could get behind it, Always give the car behind me plenty of room to go around.
    If youre looking far enough ahead, you can 'usually' spot problems far enough away that theyre Not problems when you get there..
    Lack of experience on the riders part I think, The car that hit him wasnt watching the traffic either.
  11. I'll slip between the lanes or into the gutter to avoid getting rear-ended every time. I can consider my legal options and liabilities later.
  12. Yeah Id like some real world examples of the above....what is detrimental to your legal standing?

    Slipping between the lanes seems like a fantastic idea in that video.
  13. I'd rather be alive and unharmed than in good legal standing. Beside, he wouldn't have been involved in an accident if he had split between lanes.

    Hence my comment on the need for training. He was obviously unaware of what the front brake is used for. There is good reason for motorcycle training to focus on what the front brake is used for, as demonstrated by this guy.

    Also theoretically, in Australia, he would be reasponsible for damage to the car in front, since he hit it. Then the car behind would be responsible for his damage, and the costs of the claim by the front car.

    The fact that he was hit and knocked into the front car, and that the car behind also hit the front car, would mean shared responsibility for damage to the front car.

    However, since he was unlicenced and on an unregistered bike, he would have no insurance cover, and could end up carrying quite a bit of cost for damage to at least the front car and his bike.
  14. EVERY TIME, i have to panic stop i aim for the split, even if it's not a panic stop but still quite a strong one, i aim for the split, and make use of it.
    There is no reason to just panic stop behind a car and sit there with a bulls-eye painted on your back.
  15. Re: Dont have to cause the crash to be in a crash

    got a ticket as well....not so lucky.

    Aw hell who am i kidding? the guy should be buying scratchies.
  16. yuk! Even if he'd used the space in front of him better I think the car still would've got him. Splitting would've been the only way out of that.
  17. If he had been monoing he would have had a better view of what was happening up ahead and may have avoided the accident altogether.

  18. Wait WHAT? If you are stopped and hit from behind into another vehicle, that's your fault?

    I've always maintained that NO MATTER WHAT, if you don't stop in time and hit someone in front of you, that's your fault,

    But if you're already stopped, and held responsible anyway? That's ****ing retarded…

    …which I guess puts it right in line with most of the legislation out there, I guess.