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One Point - One kill

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, May 22, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Well, my luck has finally caught upto me.... lost 9 points in the space of 3 weeks..... Cant believe it..... One was a seat-belt incident where I WAS wearing the belt - but according to the law - incorrectly.

    So, here we are, I have to be a VERY good boy for the next 12 months. So, when we go riding, 100km on the freeways and that is it.... :(

    Although, the twisties are a different matter. I will just ride at 100km/h everywhere and not slow down - should make it interesting. :grin:

  2. Good luck mate- I only have my licence through moving interstate. Some fines were a fair cop, others the typical bullshit (like returning from MotoGP in 2006: lollipop man stopping the cars on the Hume for road works, me and a Honda CBR900 'filter' to the front. Second-from front car is a highway patrol who pings us for being over the white lines: with the traffic stopped in both directions. With construction zone 40km/h signs out). Bastard.
  3. Hey Heinz,

    Thanks - wont be a problem. I drove for 18 years and never had a ticket, I can do it again...... Just be patient, calm and catiuos.

    In your case, that sucks....... Did you fight it????
  4. Wow, that f*cken sucks. Good luck as you tip-toe through the tulips mate.

    ...Or is the universe sending you a message?
  5. 12 Months? It takes three years to get the points back.
    I lost 10 at once a while back. It was a very long three years, but it can be done. :) The hardest thing I found was the people behind me getting frustrated because I was sticking to the limit! :shock:
    Good luck with it.
  6. I was a 1-pointer on my red P's in the cage for 11 months.

    Ya get used to it, ie: you get VERY observant before and during your doing of 'the dodgy' :grin:
  7. i'm on 9 points now. i spend more time looking at my speedo than the road. now THAT's safe! i also spend a lot of time looking for people with low points and open to business :p
  8. Duuuuuude!!!!

    You goose!

    I reckon you need to give me the GSX until you get your points back... :wink:
  9. I lose my licence, I lose my job.

    Only 4 fines in 30yrs, plenty of warnings (yes sir, no sir)
    and 1 summons that cost me a bomb.

    Apart from filtering, I behave myself in public. The open road is my downfall, the right hand itches and acts on its own.

    Now, if they hide where I don't expect them, I am gone!. Can't break those 30 yrs habits.
  10. Can I ask as to the specifics of the seat-belt deal? Just curious, 'cos it's something that I think we could learn from, if only to help others to avoid a 3-pointer for doing something that we think is otherwise legal.

    Other than that, that all sucks mate. You've got 3 years to go with 3 points to defend, and more cameras than ever before to catch you out for any momentary indescretion. Don't mean to rub it in as I've been in a similar situation before, but it's gonna be hard. Best of luck!
  11. Welcome to the club. I've got 1 point for the next 12 months, then 3 for the next 12 months after that.

    I leave slicks on my bike so I'm not tempted to take it out on the road (I still am) and ride it only at the track.

    The cops won. :mad:
  12. Time for you to be riding that single cylinder motard on the road then, Skuff! :wink:
  13. More like Vic Police sending a message that Steve Bracks is in the poorhouse and needs more funding!!!
  14. I've only had one point for the last fourteen months. Though, I'm still on my P's so I only had five to begin with. I've got another ten months to go too.

    I coped both my fines in two weeks too! Both for speeding :(

    I've still got all my bike points, probably coz I never ride the bloody thing :wink:
  15. Trust me, that isnt a solution.
  16. This sounds like you think the bike points are separate from car points...(?)
    They're not - you've only got one licence :?
  17. Its not what you think all.

    I went to 13 points and as such have received a letter advising me of two options;

    1). 3 month suspension and all points back
    2). 12 month 0 point policy and after 12 months, all points back

    I have opted for option 2.....
  18. When you get a letter saying you have two options;

    option 1 - 3 months no license and all points back
    option 2 - 12 months, 0 points, all points back.

    So, good boy for now - actually forever.

    I cannot afford to lose my license.
  19. Didn't fight it... thought about getting the number of the other guy so we could do it together, but miles from home and all. Also, fighting it has not worked for me in the past:

    I was once done on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I cruised down the bus lane, and changed out of it to take the Bradfield Highway. I got pulled in the speed trap and charged with 'crossing an unbroken white line', ie, the solid line used to mark out the bus lane! I took photos of the entire length of the line, showing that ANY vehicle using the bus lane would have to cross the solid line to get into or out of the lane.

    The magistrate said: 'yeah, you make a good case, but these laws are there for a reason', and upheld the fine. Also, my driving record is a joke: many pages long despite no collisions, ie, recorded accidents, since 1992. Pleading 'guilty with explanation' you rely on having a good record: which I certainly don't.
  20. Hey Heinze.

    Sorry to hear about the Sydney Harbour incident.... That is absolute crap...... Damn, seems revenue is more important than anything for the government..... Damn shame