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One Piece Track Requirement?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Wallsy, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Did a search but couldn't find anything...

    I was havin' a look at suits this morning, hoping to pop my track cherry one of these days. The lads in one of the shops mentioned that in the not too distant future 2pc suits won't be allowed at Eastern Creek, with other tracks around the country to follow (suit!)

    Anyone know anything about this?
  2. Not heard anything myself, but I'm shopping for a track-legal 2-piece right now!
    Would you mind mentioning which shop? I'll probably be in there soon, whichever it is...
  3. Gday NiteKreeper

    It was MCAS in the city. The lads were really helpful while I retardly manoeuvred myself in and out of these things.

    The bloke mentioned that a friend of theirs (or the boss maybe) had something to do with some motorbike council, and the idea had been tabled and would most likely go through. He said Eastern Creek tends to lead the way with these sorta things (nationally), but they'd expect most tracks to follow the lead.
  4. Thanks, I'll ask at Auburn when I visit...
    Part of me thinks it was just a ploy to get you into a onesie they wanted rid of, but you never know with the EC mob...
  5. Yea it crossed my mind, but I'd like to give 'em benefit of the doubt.

    Let us know what you hear...
  6. Probably got something to do with eastern creek being the only FIM grade 2 circuit in the country. I looked it up a while ago and i remember something about being able to host all types of racing only excluding Formula 1.
  7. If you dont buy custom you may have to have your leathers modified to fit.

    I had to extend my RST pants by about 3 inches otherwise they were useless when sitting on the bike
  8. It may or may not be the case, be interesting to see how many people in the slow and med-slow groups they are expecting to fork out for a another set of leathers for one off events.
  9. So I got in touch with EC...

    In a nutshell the nice bird there said she had no idea where all this was coming from and there are no plans to change the rules any time soon.

    So either it's bullsh*t or above her pay grade... hopefully the first.

  10. Looks like someones telling lies!
    Dont they offer suits for hire at the track anyway? All the track days in Melbourne offer suits.
    In regards to buying leathers, you can get cheap one piece suits starting at $300.00 or less.
    Just means more crap will be allowed into the country, sold as "protective gear".
  11. I'd say definitely the first.
  12. You can race with a two piece, so long as it zips up. MA licenses both ECRD and all levels of racing.

    If there's a change it won't be until the new GCRs are released for 2013 - I've got both suits, one piece for winter and two piece for summer.

    Never seen an injury due to two piece pulling apart, they must be rare.
  13. Last I went, Marulan still allowed textiles............but I think they restrict you on how fast you can go on the main straight........
  14. Wow - really? How do they do that??!!
  15. Because they can.........if you go flat chat or ur bike makes too much noise they flag ya and tell ya to pull in................theyve got some sound measuring devices as part of their DA (I think thats what it was). Marulan is more like a private track than anything...............its a great place.

    Speed limits isnt much of an issue though coz its a pretty short, tight and technical track....

    This is a fellow forumers vid......
  16. Yep and ultimately it all comes down from the F.I.M. rulebook.

    There are no immediate plans to change from: A 1-piece suit or jacket and trousers
    constructed of leather or other material of
    similar or greater durability.
    a) Where jackets or 1-piece suits
    are fitted with front opening slide
    fasteners, a safety strap must be
    fitted and secured at the neck,
    b) In the case of a jacket and trousers,
    provision must be made to attach
    the rear of the jacket securely to the
  17. See this part is interesting, because I've always been told (and possibly read on the EC website...) that the zipper has to go all the way around, not just at the back.
    My 2-piece has provisions for both (y)