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One Piece Leather Suits Pros & Cons?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kiss_the_future, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. What are the pros and cons of owning a one piece suit?

  2. Con: they're a biatch to get in and out of.
    Pro: they're probably safer if your a trackday racer.

    For road use, there's little point to having one though, IMO.
  3. one piece is better because you have to wear them "all at once", and are the best protection.

    two piece is better because you can wear it out and take the jacket off if you wanna stop for coffee/ water/ cancer inhalent.

    I gotta two piece alpine star TZ1 and love it. I wear it everywhere (unless i need the wet weather gear)
  4. I plan on getting a one piece suit for open road riding.

    I looked at some at the bike show and it seems they zip together so I assume you can wear the parts seperately?
  5. From my understanding thats a two peice suit, a lot of the same brands will let you zip them together for better protection and to stop the jacket riding up in a crash.
  6. that would be a two piece then :wink:

    a one piece cannot seperate the pants and jacket, meaning there are no seams in a relatively high impact area to split apart. if your a really serious rider and want to do a bit of track work, then this is the way to go.

    a two piece suit zips the pants and jacket together above the waist, the jacket is usually relatively high up so as to reduce the amount of stress on the join, but there is still a danger of it coming apart (at least more so than a 1 piece) in a high speed stack.

    then there is the 'afterthought' suit where you buy the jacket then decide to get some daks to match it later on. alot of these just have a small zip at the back to stop the jacket riding up, still not a huge chance of it coming apart easily, but more again than a full waist zip. the pants and jacket are both usually longer so there is a bit of overhang and the jacket is better fo being on its own without the daks.

    i'll probably be switching to an 'afterthought' suit soon, i just dont feel right in a racey looking one piece suit on a black streetfighter with MX bars on :LOL:

    PS.... plug time.... www.rmgear.com.au :D choices of all the above and netrider discounts :wink:
  7. Latley i've been trying on suits...from one piece to two...from alpinestars to dainese. While the two piece suits are more practical, the jacket on its on is too short.

    I dont commute on the bike to and from work...i mainly use the bike for rides through the twisty stuff. So for me a one piece suit seems more practical.

    Im leaning towards getting a decent one piece and maybe later on down the track get a separate jacket for those trips to friends places or what not.
  8. hmmm ok, well I might look at the 'one piece' then.

    I have an amoured jacket for my daily commute so will be looking at the best safety option for open road riding. I assume one pieces have ventilation and a fly for er convenience?

    Or are they full on sweat bags?
  9. BTW thanks for the tip....I'll probably buy from here.

  10. depends on the suit. some have ventilation, some dont, some even have a full warm liner in them. and the 'fly' would be the big assed zipper down the middle, its actually easier to use this than the small fly on a two piece IMO.

    and craig (rm gear) only has 1 style of one piece suit in at the moment as far as i know (the one i have :D) and it DOES have ventilation aswell as stretch panels in all the right places so it gets some decent flow....
  11. I have noticed that some one piece suits do not have a lot of pockets space. I've seen guys wear bum bags for wallet, keys, cigarettes ect .
    I have a two piece at the moment, but the next set will be probably be a one piece.
  12. Oh, snuck that one in, didn't ya?? WELCOME SLEEPA, another SA rider of, shall we say, mature years. Glad you joined us, hang around and help us beat some wisdom into these young whipper-snappers zzzz zzzzzz

    SORRY, dozed off there for a second

    "Afterthought" is the most practical. Pants and jacket that zip together, you can wear the jacket with a pair of draggins, or the trousers with a wet-weather jacket, or both together. As coco says, the trousers are cut very high at the back, (middle of your spine) and the overlap between jacket and pants in the seated position is around 10" at least.

    Surprise surprise, that's what I wear (bet you didn't guess!)
  13. Advantages of 2 piece are pockets and if you just want the jacket sepearte on occasions.
    If you've got a spare jacket, definatly go a 1 piece. I would if i had the money...If I ride around town id wear my jacket and draggins but if I went for a day ride i'd wear a 1 piece.