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One Percenters TV show

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Scumbag, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. This is about a tv program on ABC tomorrow night at 8.30pm. It is about the making of the film about the Milperra bikie massacre. Looks fairly interesting going by the shorts on the tv today at lunch time.

  2. What was the name of the movie? I remember reading about it and for the life of me, can't recall what the move title was.
  3. Edit of post on one percenters

    Did not get that from the shorts but will have a look anyway.

    found some information on the program

    It's been 30 years since a biker movie was a box-office hit in Australia but if film maker Martin Brown succeeds it won't be too much longer before we see a big budget biker film based on the 1984 Milperra massacre.

    1% One Percenters Search For A Screenplay is a documentary that follows Brown's almost masochistic attempt to develop a feature film about the Milperra biker massacre that took place in suburban Sydney on Father's Day, 1984.

    On that day, two rival outlaw biker clubs, the Comancheros and the Bandidos, engaged in open warfare at the Viking Tavern. After a violent shoot-out in the pub car park in full view of terrified members of the public, six bikers and a 15-year-old girl lay dead.

    Film maker Martin Brown has had a rich and varied career in the entertainment industry including a 10-year association with BAFTA winning director Baz Luhrmann as art director for Strictly Ballroom, co-producer of William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet and lead producer of Moulin Rouge.

    Brown knows there is a "gripping human story" behind the Milperra Massacre and he plans to tell this story in a multi-million dollar feature film titled 'Brothers in Arms'.

    1% One Percenters follows Brown's perilous journey as he tries to uncover the truth about what happened on that fatal day. Until now this event has been off limits to film makers. 1% One Percenters trails Brown as he searches for the right director, the right screenwriter and enough funds to bring the true story about Milperra to the big screen.

    Among the people Brown meets are Comanchero president and Milperra survivor 'Jock' Ross, Bandido vice president 'Bullets', Bandido Milperra survivor 'Porky', Lee Denholm, the girlfriend of 'Snodgrass' the Bandido leader at Milperra, ex Bandido Milperra survivor 'Caesar' Campbell and investigating police officer ex superintendent Ron Stephenson.

    Witnessing these meetings, the documentary is able to reveal the story behind Milperra for the first time on television.

    By documenting his journey and incorporating archive film of the massacre and interviews with bikers, witnesses and police 1% One Percenters Search For A Screenplay provides a unique insight into one of the seminal events in Australian social history.

    Production Details
    Martin Brown Films. Directed by Don Featherstone and produced by Martin Brown.

    Rating: M
    Subject: Documentary
  4. The above link doesn't seem to work.
    Can it be fixed? :p
  5. I heard about this on the radio this morning.

    Apparently the shoot-out began when two bikers were grappling over a gun and it went off. It is not known for certain which biker of the two had their finger on the trigger, but someone accidently fired the weapon. It was then that the shootout began.

    It is also a docu on the lifestyle of motorbikes.
  6. There's a book called Brothers in Arms, written by a journo in the 90's that details a fair bit of the background of the conflict between the two clubs.