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One Painful ZXR250 not firing!!!:(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Matchstick01, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. OK, I have this ZXR250 C i'm working on at the moment, however it not playing nice. Its not sparking which I didn't think would be a major issue, however i keep hittin dead ends. So far it has had the following done.

    Ignition coils tested within spec
    Pulse coil generator tested within spec
    Complete wiring loom replaced
    Computer swapped from running bike
    killswitch tested within spec

    It cranks but it wont fire and I'm out of ideas. Anyone have any pointers as to other possibilities.

  2. Have you tried replacing the plug?
  3. Plugs look fine, will try to replace one anyway. Even so if one of the plugs fowled it should still fire on 3 but run like crap wouldn't it?

  4. Yeah if one plug is dead the others should work still and it would run like crap.

    Have you checked the batteries output?
  5. yups, new battery, fully charged.
  6. spray some wd40 or start ya bastard in the airbox
  7. Plugs look fine??? you cant tell by looking.. what gap are they and what are they suposto be?

    Have you sctully tested for spark in them?

    Take the lead off put a screw driver in it hold the screw driver CLOSE to the block and turn the engine over, look for a spark jump across.

    if you get a spark take the plug put it in the lead and press the spark plug against the block (Use the threaded part) and watch for a spark jump from the point while you crank it.. this is how you test your plugs for spark.
  8. if they are black and covered in oily substance, its been flooded. clean with kero /peddy and let it fully dry. put em back in should start up fine. or just use 'start ya bastard'