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one of those things

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twistngo, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. out riding the other night and the oil light starts flashing. pull into a petrol station and see the oil is OKish but towards the bottom line so decide to top it up. don't have my glasses and I can't read without them so I have to ask the guy to find motorcycle oil for me. whack some in, get it home with no more problems to discover he gave me 2 stroke motorcycle oil. 12,000k service is due so thats OK, can get the oil changed. book it in, fill the oil to the top line with good oil and head off yesterday morning. 100 metres down the road the oil light comes on again. its also the temp light on my bike so I head home and ring the RACV for a truck. he arrived and promptly broke down trying to lift my bike on the hoist thingy and dropped hydraulic fluid everywhere. took 3 hours for him to get to a stage where he could drive away and a new truck to come. another truck had come to help the original truck so its was a bit like a tow truck convention.
    now have lots of sawdust scattered about to soak up the fluid. hopefully the rain will get rid of it. luckily I can work from home so I didn't waste a day.

    turns out to have been a bit of corrosion on the oil pressure sensor.
  2. Just for future reference, you should fill it to the point in the middle of the high and low lines. You're better off slightly underfilling oil than overfilling it. Carry on.
  3. Hahaha! :LOL:
  4. what about if your a wheeeeelie champion? Carry On.
  5. There's not a lot of people on this site who can wheelie for long enough to cause oil starvation, and the ones that can probably know how to deal with it! :p Carry on!
  6. kids. fit and additional oil radiator like my dr. it adds to the total ammount of oil, which means a longer lasting engine and longer wheelies...garunteed. I cant garuntee it will give you a longer penis...but it couldn't hurt. Carry on.

    oh and lol at the tow truck convention
  7. I know that but with a big dollop of the the wrong oil in there and as the oil light had been flashing I put a bit more in. it wasn't over the top line.

    carrying on sir
  8. How does having a oil cooler keep oil at the pickup when 70+ degrees to the ground?
    Yea more oil capacity is a good thing, but i dont think that will keep the pickup from sucking air.
  9. The recommended 3lt in the Bandit fills it to smack on the F line.
    Although there is SFA volume difference between the lines.
  10. it dosent help pickup. just generally good for the engine. the bit about it being good for wheelies was tounge in cheek...perhaps i should have put a smilie in there for the R1 riders :grin:
  11. What? R1 riders do not smile, it would seriously effect their Coolness Quotient. :)
  12. Geez You lot can "Carry On' :roll:

  13. Re: Loz and slick :rofl:
  14. if you have the DRZ.. there is/are 2 pick ups 'engine term' so when the front wheel is in the air 'off road only' so its all good...