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One of those , "Oh s#£€¥" moments

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by drjay555, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Riding back from the Snowys today, I was revelling in the empty roads (with none of the boys in blue around) from Khancoban to Jingellic, kind of hammering it around a long rising sweeper and suddenly there's a long snake (albeit dead) in the middle of my lane!! " Oh! S#£€¥" and a few gentle taps of the brakes and a bit of a wiggle from the back wheel and I stayed upright. Fortunately no one coming from the opposite side as I did run a bit wide when I stood the bike up. Would have made interesting viewing if someone had been following me but I was on my own. Oh by the way , earlier I missed a live one too :))

  2. Good job, I often wonder how bad running over a snake is. Met a solid one on the old PAC hwy a few months ago and just got around him. Not really sure if In the future I should try and stop of just ride over them. Anyone got any thoughts ?

  3. Care to give a report on the roads... Snow? Ice? Closures?
  4. I rode up from Albury - Walwa- Khancoban- Thredbo - Jindabyne. About 20kms from Khancoban there is a single lane for about 50metres. Apart from that no closures. Snow only on the peaks. Can get very windy up on the snowy mountain hwy which is why I chose to retune the same way and not do the loop via Cabramurra.
  5. Running over a dead snake is ok. Over a live one can be a problem if you run over the tail and the body whips over and gets tangled in your bike or worse.
  6. I knew someone who claimed to have run over a snake in their car, unbeknownst to them it wrapped itself around the undercarriage and had a go at their leg (missed fortunately) when they went to get out of the car.

    The couple times Ive done it (had no other options) I've paid very close attention to my mirrors to make sure it is still on the road behind me

  7. We either know the same people or its an old wives tale???
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  8. haha.......told in several countries over several decades
  9. I reckon I have come across atleast a dozen live snakes on the roads in the past fortnight, yep still makes me lift me feet pretty quickly.

    I was up at the Trout Rally at Three Mile Dam (Selwyn) over the weekend, seen plenty of bikes in the area for the snowy ride and reckon a couple may have been airlifted out too, as the snowy hydro chopper went overhead a couple of times heading to Cabramurra.
    I rode down the Elliot Way from Cabramurra to Tooma, Tintaldra and onto Corryong for a feed, then through Shelley to the Granya gap, then back along the river to Jingellic, before heading home..
    Wind made things interesting.
  10. heard there were a couple of fatalities and three or four airlifted out. Its getting crazy out there and crowded too. This would put pressure on the organizers of the ride. I remember the first Snowy ride that I went for 4 years back, just 2 months after getting back on a bike after 30 years. I was scared riding down from Thredbo to Khancoban with bikes whizzing all around me. Good thing I made it down in one piece. Was an intense learning experience, but I just focussed on what I was doing and kept to a pace(Slooow in places) that suited me and didn't get pushed into doing something stupid. I do it a lot better now but its great when youre not competing for the road. There are a few careless people out there who couldn't care less for the slower and the weaker riders. Not good for such an event which has raised millions for kids cancer research and not good for our image as motorcyclists.
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  11. yep, I'd have to agree with all that you have said drjay555.

    I found myself riding alot more defensively, and still almost got taken out by atleast 2 bikes running wide coming from the opposite direction like bullets.

    I understand the snowy ride is all about raising money for charity; however, I am surprised more don't end up killed or in hospital. No wonder the plod hound these roads over that weekend and the push is on to lower even more speed limits.

    I am glad I only rode up the Elliot way / Cabramurra to Selwyn and did not do a full loop through Thredbo.
  12. Run over a snake a couple of weeks ago on a group ride, no dramas for me but mate on his GSXR1000 behind me was not impressed as he reckoned my back wheel picked it up and flung it straight at him, had to do a big duck to avoid it evidently:rolleyes:
  13. I like snakes. In a deep, rich onion gravy...

  14. Ran over a dead fox on the road on my first day of riding whilst it was raining.

    Shat a brick but it didn't really do much to my balance (y)

    I guess it's best if you just go over them instead of risking you and your bike to hit a potentially worse thing (a car maybe?) :p
  15. Haha, like the one about the pet snake sizing up its owners as a meal?

    I cannot guarantee the veracity of the story, just that I know a girl who claims it happened to her directly.
  16. My mates wife was driving along a country road out in central qld when she was amazed to see a wedgetail eagle taking off from the side of the road with a rather large python in its claws. She kept driving and a few minutes later the snake crashed onto the bonnet with a huge bang. I can't remember exactly how much damage it done but it involved broken glass and side mirrors, and I guess she needed to change her knickers. Can you imagine trying to explain that one to the insurance company? :)
  17. Wedge Tails enjoy road kill,arrived on one on The Morning ton Peninsular and it took off and flew next to me for about 10 seconds,there bigger than you think.8 of us just got back from 4 days in the Snowys,4 on 30 year old Laverdas.Its an annual trip we do.3000ks.Cold on Mt Hotham,fun chasing a couple of GS BMW's in the dirt.
    Keep an eye on fuel range and off the betten track.Crowded at Bright for the hot rod show and cold and wet heading back to Sydney.Day 2 and 3 was a rippers,Berradale,Thredbo,Khancoban,Cabramurra,Tumbarumba,Jindalic,Talangatta,Bright.Next day,Mt Hotham,Omeo.Buthan,Orbost,Delegate,Cooma and Beradale.
    The best riding area in OZ.Even better when its not wet.Recommended café in in Talangata,great food and hot staff just insist they don't mention the chance of RAIN.,BTW the bikers café in Cooma is now a really average Kebab shop,really crap.