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One of those days......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lunatic_luke, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Well Friday was to be a great day, The start of 3 weeks of no work and plenty of riding. Bike was in good order - recently serviced, new tyres and lookin sexy as ever. My best mate just got his gixxer back on the road that day also, so I thought I would pay him a visit to plan the next ride. I pull up to his place and park in the drive way as usual, go in say hi blah blah blah.... not 5 mins later we hear a strange noise, sounds like the kids banging on something, then he says it "that wasn't your bike was it". My heart sank. I jump up and walk around the side and open the roller door, to see the green machine on its side, about 5 meters away from where I had parked it. Mate's wifey sitting in the drivers seat of her wagon with her head burried in her hands and bits of broken taillight scattered all over the place. She had walked past the bike, got in the car and proceeded to mow it down, (i bet they won't put this in the next AAMI ad!)


    At first glance damage looks minor - bike starts and rides fine, everything is straight, just looks like its a couple if fairings, footpeg, brake lever etc, my first thought was holy fcuking arse **** slut! but after that I thought at least no one was hurt etc, both parties have insurance so should be no prob fixing her up.


    So I got on the bike and rode down to SA Motorycles (Kawa Dealer). The fulla has a quick look and says, "they'll write that off", turns out that anything with so much as a small scratch, they will replace with brand new parts, so that means swingarm, yoshi pipes, front fairing, headlight unit, left top and bottom fairings, pegs, tail fairings etc. Around 8 - 10K damage, not including labour. I'll find out for sure though when it has its proper inspection/assessment next week.

    So it looks like I will be getting a new fireblade, had my eye on one for a while but I didn't wanna take the loss of selling my 12 month old bike and upgrading.

    Moral of this story is, some people can't drive for shit and if you want a new bike, find them and park behind them!
  2. Bad luck mate. Looks like you have a track weapon now.
    I'm sure the wife is good at something :)
  3. For the sake of all other road users, I hope her husband takes away the car keys and refuses to let her get behind the wheel again.

    So what exactly happened?

    Bad luck about the bike, enjoy the new one.
  4. Yeah would love to buy it back from the Insurance company for streetfighter/track/hooligan purposes, I wonder how much they will want? Considering its only cosmetic and is still fully operational.

    She was in a rush, just jumped in and reversed into it. It was (stupidly) parked behind her station wagon, in line with the drivers side wheel track. Its one of those steep driveways as well so it slid down onto the road. Her drivers side taillight impacted my left hand headlight which knocked the bike onto its right side and down onto the road.....

    Its a bugger but i am wrapped that it was a write off, no excesses + a brand spanker....can't wait!
  5. I'll ask the most important question, since no-one yet has; is she HOT :LOL:?????

    Seriously, though, it only takes a second to turn joy to pain, doesn't it??
  6. ye but lets not forget it was a silly ACCIDENT and shit happens, must feel for her also, imagine how she feels, worse than u i bet, u seem to be excited now that its happened so buy her a prezi and tell her its ok :cool:
  7. err, no. As excited as I am I will not reward stupidity. Imagine if it were one of her kids :shock:
  8. Does she have a sister. If so, stay away from her.
  9. how about one of those reverse-camera kits.
  10. Glasses even?
  11. To quote snatch

    "when you reverse, things come from behind"
  12. I just can't get over how something so minor could write a perfectly good bike off!
  13. Man, thats gotta SUCK!
    Real sorry.....
  14. Not only does this all suck , but more importantly 3 weeks of NO riding as planned, at this time of year trying to get insurance though asap ... yeah right ! :LOL:
  15. Somebody has to pay for the new bike though.

    What's her excess and how much extra will it cost at renewal time?
  16. Yeah, me either! :shock:

    Geeze bike "plastic" is expensive! ... maybe I'd better go for naked instead of fully faired as planned :cry:

    I wouldn't reward stupidity either [-(
  17. Nah its cool, i've still got the bike so i'm riding the biatch! I don't hold any hope of getting anything new till mid Jan probably.

    don't know, don't really care!
  18. dude was thinking the same thing :)

    "What have you done Tyrone??"

    I know how you feel.

    My brothers girlfriend backed into my car about an hour after I took her and my bro out to see the new driving lights I installed the night before.

    So when time came to leave they left and then we hear a knock at the door... my bro is standing there "Noone was hurt but.... "then preceded to tell me that from 2 meters away she's burried his car into mine, I ran over to see if my brand new driving lights were ok (they were) and was sooooooo thankful he didn't have a towbar else my car would have needed towing to get repaired.

    but he was fully comp covered so $500 later I get a new bumper and looked as good as new :)

    some people just shouldn't have licenses.... or get band from reversing unless they stand behind the car looking to see nothing is there to back into :)
  19. so what suburb does she live in so i can avoid it lol
  20. its say about 7-8k for your bike at auctions
    (might be less in SA than in sydney thou)