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One of those days.................

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AznCruiser, May 9, 2011.

  1. Its "one of those days" stories when everything seemed to go wrong. Woke up at 5:30am today for an early start and an early finish at work. And a quick blat on Old Pac after work.

    Anywho finally started up the bike at 6:30pm after having a very quick take away dinner. Bike at optimal temp, wallet and mobile check and check, put on helmet, then gloves.......oh shit wheres the gloves. Silly me I forgot to take the gloves from the table, no worries ill just get it........damn wheres the house keys, oh its with the gloves, double damn. After getting a spare key from my neighbor I finally get both gloves and keys.

    Once again im running on empty and needed petrol within the next 20km. Theres a mobile 1km away, one km later ive gone past the petrol station, only realizing 200m down the road, triple damn. Finally stopped at Shell Sunnyholt for a fill up.

    Going through my usual route of Castle Hill, Galston Gorge, Berowra then Old Pac. I noticed straight away that my lines were off, my shifting off, my braking off, body positioning off, I was even having trouble with the indicators (imagine how you rode doing your pre-learners).........seeing that I was half way there Id thought id persevered. The fun twisty bits should snap me out from whatever funk im in.

    Going through Galston Gorge during the day isnt the easiest, at night with cars heading home on high beam is annoying. Going down with another car trying to rush me was ok and lost him before the bridge. Going up on my own with no cars behind or infront of me was when my mind totally switched off, I thought about how much my glasses keeps sliding and how annoying it was (I normally wear contacts), I thought about my gloves that was slightly too large, I thought about crashing by going way too slow, and thought about running wide on one of those 5km turns..............at that exact moment I started looking at where I thought I was going to crash and you guessed it.............I CRASHED. It was the slowest crash ever, practically walking speed.

    Picked up the bike, put the stand on, and inspected.....minor scratches and the right indicator broken...no biggie. Took helmet off because my glasses was fogging up. Then put my helmet back on, gloves on and rode off. Drat, 300m up the hill I noticed that I wasnt wearing my glasses, not only that but my helmet wasnt even strapped up. Stopped as soon as it was safe and strapped up my helmet and went back looking for my glasses. The darn thing was at the side of the road, lucky no one ran over it.

    Went back up the hill again and stopped at BP Asquith...........couple more km's to one of Sydney's best roads. THEN IT STARTED RAINING!!!!

    My best decision of the night was probably to cut my losses and head back home. Old Road at night, in the rain and the head not in it is dangerous. Ive ridden tired and sleepy but this is totally different, its like riding drunk without being drunk. Its a weird and scary feeling.
  2. Not a good day. Glad you managed to make it back to write about it. That's something. 8-[

  3. Awww Mal!!! :(

    That sucks man.

    However, why didn't you read the signs? I don't know why people don't listen to the signs! Keys/Gloves/Servo. I'd turn around and go home.

    If there's 3 signs or more, I know it's not my day, and to head home/stay at home.

    I hate Old Pac/Galston Gorge/Riding in general at night anyways.
  4. Sorry to hear mate. That's what you get for rising early. I always avoid it.

    Because misfortune comes in threes - you can safely bet you'll be ok after that.

  5. Hey Azn, good write up. Glad it worked out OK in the end, I was expecting worse with those signs. I like to hear these sort of stories because I am always tempted to keep going once half way there,with exactly the same reasons "I'm sure I'll get out of this funk" type of thinking. That really takes some discipline to overcome. Well done.
  6. Yeah I probably should have turned back. What made it worse was seeing the signs and trying to ignore.......dum dum move.

    Sometimes I wish I was still unemployed, doing Old every day :p.

    Yeah very lucky. I was trying my best to concentrate and thought that the harder I concentrated on my ride itll be ok. The more I tried the worse it got I think. I think thats one of the reasons why I started thinking about what would happen if I ran wide or too slow......

    I see these things as a good learning experience. Sometimes I just get too stubborn for my own good.
  7. wow.. good thing you're alright. i've ridden off without my glasses/helmet undone once before too.

    iirc, there's not much in the way of street lighting along galston gorge/old pac tho hey..? scary o_o
  8. That's the problem, whenever I run out or forget my contacts and end up wearing my glasses I always have an off ride.
    they always start falling down my nose and the frames are in my field of vision when mid turn trying to look through the corner. Then they fog up and I end up being too worried about defogging then anything else.
    They're my riding curse.
  9. I told you those hairpins are the pits although you were heading down from the Hornsby end which I find easier than coming up for some reason or another.

    Glad you're okay and the damage is very minor/cosmetic only. 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it? If that little voice starts screaming out to you that you should cut your loses and head home, do it but hey, at least the outcome wasn't more serious.
  10. I just keep thinking of the movie 'Bruce Almighty' when he's in the car asking God for a sign... drives past a sign saying, "caution ahead", then asks again... a truck pulls in front of him carrying signs: "wrong way, go back", "caution", "Stop" etc....

    glad you're OK. We've all had days were we ride when we shouldn't. Most of the time we get away with it, some times, stuff happens. Glad this was a very minor something.
  11. i think he was coming from galston heading to hornsby, when he had his off.
  12. The first sentence of the last paragraph in the OP wins it for me :)
  13. Hollys right, was coming down from the Galston end and coming up on the Hornsby end. One of the things I did find annoying was that the Hornsby turns are pretty tight and so the headlight only shines towards the cliff walls while the actual road is in total darkness (I was using high beam at the time). Ive done this many times though during my night runs and gone through the same turns with no incidents. I think one of the main causes was I was totally lazy in turning my head and looking through the corner, going wayyyy to slow, and very lazy on my steering.

    I think I need to take it easy for a bit, do some homebush practices and some easier riding. Hopefully it all clicks again and head clears before the RNP and track day.

    I was actually thinking of a similar thing, how signs are popping up everywhere. I havent seen 'Bruce Almighty' though. Before going down the Gorge I was thinking of "Final Destination" and how theres usually signs and hints before death strikes.
  14. If it's not happening, it can sometimes come back to you, by pressing on with more caution. If it clearly is'nt coming to you, then you 'survival ride' home. :)

    You did good to give it up and go home.!
  15. I was on a crazy survival mode going home. It never came back though, I even had trouble writing my original post, lots of spelling mistakes...................not that I take much care of spelling and grammar in the first place lol.

    Actually now that I think of it, I have had this happen before (before my bike days). It happened when doing something very mundane at work. For some reasons this carries over after work.....usually alcohol, excitement, and parties help.
  16. I know that feeling! When it happens to me I have just done a frustrating and repetitive task all day, like when I used to work on a helpdesk.
    We had a scripted call opening: "Hello this is rar ar ar ar ar rra rarar"
    It became physically hard to get my mouth to say that greeting by the end of the day. And then when you can help some of the people that come by your phone, they're wankers about it.
    Jesus Christ Almighty Bruce I hated that job. And I would walk away with a feeling somewhat similar to the after effects of sedation.

  17. Yup ive worked on a similar job before, I find working on a call centre very mind numbing, especially when you don’t like or talk to the people around you.

    At the moment im working pretty much on my own and have a corner desk with no one around to talk to. I could pretty much go to sleep and no one would notice :p. No one keeps a track of what I do anyway, its pretty much create x and y documents for x and y projects. In some cases its creating a document from scratch, this I find exciting but in most cases the company already has a similar document and all I have to do is modify…..v boring to the extreme…..basically a glorified cut and paste worker.