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One of These

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kingpin, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. So I went to Ducati to organise one of these for the Diavel I'm getting next month


    Instead I got one of these


    So looks like I'll be sticking with these for a while


    Life's tough sometimes.
  2. Must be.

    Most people would drool over either, now you are getting both. Nice one.

    Hope you paid cash for both bikes though? Otherwise all it means is you know how to fill out a form and sign your life away......
  3. I wouldn't buy what I couldn't afford
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  4. I dont know you but I hate you - unless you're happy to share of course :)
  5. One reason why I don't frequent the Ducati shop around town. Life is short, why not own a bike or 2 at the same time. I do :)

    Congrats on the pick up.
  6. Don't worry, you are not the only one that hates me.
    Other than that I've been known to be generous so if you didn't live 800k's away I'd probably let you have a ride.
  7. Nice one Kingpin, look forward to seeing you back on road. You must be aching for a ride :)
  8. (y) congrats.

    Awesome news. :D

    Can't wait to see it.
  9. Thankyou, my sentiments exactly
  10. In that case, nice one!!
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  11. It's also called Dual Income No Kids (we have 2 but they both work)
    Mrs has had to forgo the C250 coupe she was eyeing off though.
  12. Nice one Kingpin.

    I'm just jealous more than anything!
  13. Nice choice and will be nice to hear the 'rumble'..
    how many sleeps now? lol
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    nice work!
  15. Congrats!!! Lovely bike!
  16. lol... that's the best case of accidental shopping I've ever heard about.

    Hyper's are an awesome bike, which size did you go with? The sensible, or the ridiculous?
  17. Awesome news.. I'm in Berwick and would LOVE to have a ride on the new dukes =D>

    I'm not a fan of the look of the Diavel but would love to get on one for a squirt, and the Hypermotard looks the Shiz.
  18. I went for the sensible as the whole reason ( in my mind at least) was that I wanted something a bit more nimble than the Diavel for scooting around the block and to work on.
    Will have to do something about the mirrors though, they are the most ridiculous mirrors I've seen on a bike and definately not suited to splitting traffic.
  19. My boss has the 1100 Hypermotard and uses 1 mirror all the time, the left one is folded in pretty much permanently. That way you get the benefit of extra visibility but not as much extra width.

  20. nice! did you get the faster black? once you get yours we can do a diaggle! :)