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One of these days Alice, one of these days....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LineNoise, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. I think I just met the stupidest person in the universe.

    Was just riding along with a mate. There was a lady in a Porsche Canyonero that was driving along in front of me somewhat erratically. Kids throwing a ball around inside the car with one clearly not restrained.

    You know the type, just your average completely oblivious ditz taking the hellspawn home from school.

    Anyway, we overtake her around a bend and pull back into the left lane only to get caught at the lights and she pulls up beside us on the right.

    We're sitting there minding our own business, my mates Roadstar thumping away next to her when she decides she needs to be in our lane and just turns into us...WHILE STATIONARY AT THE BLOODY LIGHTS! :shock:

    I was on the left hand side but she didn't stop until she actually pushed my mate over. He's alright fortunately, few broken bits of bike and a few nasty bruises where he got his foot caught but nothing too worrying.

    Now you might think that's stupid enough but she then gets out of the car and goes off her nut at us for offences such as:

    - Being too low to see (well, that's what you get for driving a land yacht and not looking)

    - Being so quiet that she didn't notice us (funny I thought the Roadstar with the straight pipes was kinda bowel shakingly loud actually :? )

    - Disturbing the peace (riiiiiight :roll: Too quiet AND too loud, it's all making sense now)

    - Being hoons and a menace to other road users (heaven forbid we act like hoons by stopping at the lights...oh wait)

    and this is the absolute corker

    - Being a bad influence to her children and "encouraging deviant behaviour"! :shock: :LOL:

    Didn't know whether to piss myself laughing or feast upon her still beating heart.

    But what happened next was the bit we now love. She then just hopped in the car and drove off! Oh, and one of her little bastards (not wearing a seatbelt) decided it would be a bright idea to give us the finger on the way.

    Thankfully the nice tradey behind us saw it all and called his brother, a cop, who came down and chatted to us and a few other witnesses and she's probably going to be done for fleeing the scene of an accident and anything else the cops can get her on as well!
  2. Oh to be there when the coppers come calling.
  3. Pleeeeezzzeeee keep us updated! I wonder if she'd had a couple of sherries before leaving the tennis club to get the kids...
  4. Yeah for sure.

    She didn't sound or smell drunk. Just a general, class A dumbarse.
  5. hope they catch up with her! Did you ask for her license or didn't give you the chance?
  6. holy bejeeeezus! :shock: that beats the HELL out of my incident with a middle aged lady that decided that i was in HER lane :LOL:

    definately keep us posted, i wanna hear the full story. thats a RIPPER :LOL:
  7. Don't you just hate people like that. They do something completely and blatantly obviously there fault then try blaming you. This is all becuase your a motorcyclist and she is a trophy wife porsche driving twat.
  8. In which case I hope the cops give her the breathalyser when they come calling.

    Porsche Cayenne Turbo had been on the market for about a week when I was nearly hit by one. Thats the trouble with riding through Brighton to get to work.
  9. Didn't get a chance.

    We got to about "What the fu" and she just went off, turned around, hopped in the car and drove off.
  10. Best story ever !
  11. Bwahahaha that's a corker!! Yeah keep us posted on what happens. Too loud and yet too quiet. Can't win can you?
  12. thats unbelievable, glad you guys are both ok anyway
  13. Encouraging deviant behaviour? Magnificent! :LOL:

    I hope she tries a similar approach when the police knock on her door...
  14. WhooHoo!! You've got her! Leaving the scene is a SERIOUS offence, especially if someone is hurt (as was clearly the case)
    She could do TIME! :p :p :p
    Can't you come along with the cops to identify her :)
  15. Ripper, I'd love to see her face when Mr Plod comes knocking. She deserves all that she gets. Probably had the stereo up loud and the kids screaming and didn't hear anything!!
  16. Quick break your mate's foot with a sledgy..........

    Compo Compo Compo !!!! Plus it makes it even worse for her :)
  17. A further suggestion

    Get a newspaper or TV reporter onto this, it's a great human interest story and will appeal to their usual "David and Goliath" template!

    Go back ASAP with a car and re-enact the incident and photograph it, so you can accurately describe it. If the investigation drags on you don't want the details to fade in your minds.

    Also, go back to the intersection and wait around at same time as the accident took place, not on the bikes, but in a car so you're not obvious; there's a good chance she's a local and you'll see her again. Get her number this time, and then start the legal ball rolling.

    But above all, KEEP US POSTED.

    Hey, and why don't you and some of the Melbourne riders picket the intersection around the same time as she passes through???? Nothing like naming and shaming these arrogant selfish people.

    NOTHING will happen to change this sort of behaviour if we just lie down and let them do it!
  18. *wince* reminds me of the scene in Misery :shock:
  19. I'd love to be there when she hears terms like, "Reckless driving," "Endangering life," "Failing to restrain a passenger under 18," "Failing to give way/indicate," "Fleeing the scene of an accident" and potentially, "level 1 assault" for her verbal attack. Would be surprised if she hadn't also been drinking. Throw the book at the biatch!

    Good to hear you're both OK.
  20. She probably got halfway through her rant before she realised she was yelling at two "bikies" with helmets on and then thought better about hanging around to find out what they might do to her. (that would be my defence if I was her)

    If I was you however, I would wish very bad things on her. Hope someone finds a very sharp key to run down the side of her shiny porche from headlight to tail light.

    Keep us up to date on this story, definitely!