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One of the Scariest things you will ever see!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Beemerdrew, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. During a trip to Japan at Christmas we went to see the snow monkeys near Nagano. On the way there I came across this old Honda Benly 90 fitted with snow chain(s) on the rear wheel! The track to the snow monkey temple was totally covered in ice and all the nearby roads were covered in ice also - hence the snow chain. I just couldn't imagine riding on ice - even with a snow chain - just on the back mind you, nothing on the front wheel. This snow chain was home made using an old bike chain! Don't know who the rider was but he must be a game chap!

  2. Oh why oh why did you choose that title? This is inevitably going to turn into the fat woman in bikinis thread.
  3. Or worse:
    fat bikini.
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  4. Don't think I'll be able to sleep at night anymore.
  5. Got a rear shot of that one?
  6. some of those alpha snow monkeys are scary...and have massive balls too... maybe its their bike? lol.

  7. Here you go

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  8. If you post any more pictures of Gina Rinhart in a bikini I'm going to throw up.
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  9. ^^ Doesn't know the difference 'tween a rhino and a hippo
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  10. Yeah, well, not everybody can afford a Toyota Land Cruiser with two sets of wheels, one for winter, with ice studs, one for summer, without.

    If a neat wee Honda is all you have handy, you have to figure out a way of making it work for you.

    I didn't much like riding on snow and ice, but I took the easy option...... left Scotland, eventually ended up in Sydney.
  11. How about totally starkers..

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  12. It didn't take long did it - just hope that the pictures posted are from their favourites folder.

    I just shake my head.
  13. Mine was my background for my work computer...

    Only joking.

  14. Tough guy eh?
  15. You obviously need to work on your mono-ing skills ;).
  16. Wow! You must be an absolutely awesome rider to get a Honda Benly 90 up onto the back wheel! Ahh! Suddenly it becomes clear - if you look at the photo of the Honda you will notice a big blue bucket on the back rack - you obviously fill it up with house bricks to get the front wheel in the air. Sometimes I think that riding a motorbike doesn't take all that much skill. All those pictures you see of large bikes doing wheel stands... the blue bucket full of house bricks has been photoshopped out!
  17. No. It's actually the four slabs of beer ocky strapped on the back seat, that most of the wheelie kings photoshop out. ;)
  18. Then there's the mound of empties hiding out of frame...