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One of the reasons cagers don't see you...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FoxRiderJ, Apr 21, 2012.



    Besides having their head buried in a smartphone, of course.
  2. Interesting point.... " Disappearance persists down to surprisingly low speeds."
    Another thing to add to the reason why riding against speed flow of general traffic is primarily for our safety, and buffering of course.
  3. Interesting! Thanks for sharing.
  4. This is huge in aviation, it is real surprising that it has not been related to driving as the effects are identical.
  5. and if you blink repeatedly the dots don't "disappear"
    which shows that concentration must be broken in a minor fashion for concentration to be maintained.
    and by that i mean moving your eyes around rather than staring like a zombie, NOT by use of those dreaded dumb-phones