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One of the many upgrade suggestion threads

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NoOrangeLeft, May 7, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Given that the cold weather is coming I assume there's a better chance of grabbing a discount with the dealers so I am thinking of an upgrade.

    I got my license more than a decade ago but never really started riding till about 4 years ago. I got myself a secondhand '05 Kwaka GPX250 then, and realised in a couple of days' time it's too small and too weak. I used to travel daily on the M1, 60km return trip, and got blown across 3 lanes when a semi-D flew past me. Nevertheless, I stuck with my bike until now.

    That's the background and now with the upgrade. Here's what I am looking for:
    • bigger than 250, probably around 650-800
    • not LAMS
    • suitable for daily commute. I ride to work in the CBD, 20km return.
    • occasional weekend ride, once in a blue moon kinda thing, 100km return max.
    • not a supersports, though I would love to get one but because the missus has since moved in and I have to start taking her as a pillion with this new bike, probably on a weekly basis. We all know the pillion of a supersports is not the most comfy seat in the world.
    • a sports tourer perhaps, definitely not a tourer.
    • budget is around $10k. Less is good, if possible.
    I have been looking at the FZ6R but it's a LAMS and I have been reading about removing the restrictor and all that. Don't really want to go down that path.

    Thanks in advance guys & gals.

  2. BMW F800ST fits that description.
    Has ABS, belt drive (mine's due for replacement at 40000 km otherwise maintenance free), keyed on/off panniers, centrestand.
    Uses hardly any petrol, 10,000 km service intervals, service costs reasonable, insurance costs quite cheap.
    Performance is adequate (I would say entirely adequate) rather than exciting.
    Go and take a ride and see if you like it.
  3. I'd suggest looking at a VFR800, just to get in before @hornet@hornet
  4. I use my street triple for weekend blasting and it's fantastic. It would make a great commuter although I'd probably put some pilot road 4s on it for a bit more longevity in the tyre department.
    I put a grip seat cover and added the optional passenger grab rails on the back. Now i'd never say that it was a great two up bike but my wife badgers the hell outta me to go for a ride. We often do 250km without a problem although she is on the shorter/smaller side.
  5. Yamaha are doing $2,000 cash back on the FZ8 which puts it in your budget. and meets all your criteria.
  6. Yamaha MT-09
  7. Hayabusa
  8. Thx for all the suggestions guys. A gd starting point for me to dig my head into the specs of these bikes now. Yamaha's $2000 cashback is enticing. The Honda looks alright too. Not a big fan of motard/naked bike however.

    Really? :confused:
  9. forget specs test ride now!
  10. ^^^^This.
  11. Test ride EVERYTHING (you can afford) and buy the one you like the most.
  12. Right...

    Where/What would you normally ride/do when you test ride a bike? What to look out for?
  13. Depends on whether your test riding a new bike or second hand bike. I won't go into what to check on second hand bikes there is a sticky thread somewhere that covers it.

    Of most importance do YOU enjoy riding it. Does it give you a huge grin, does it make you fizz and can you live with it?

    Ride it on familiar roads. If possible take it for an hour on different types of roads.

    With a new bike, it's really comes down to 3 things.

    How does it make me feel?

    Can I live with it/does it do what I want?

    Can I afford it?
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