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One of the hazards of riding. Wildlife

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ljiljan, Aug 15, 2010.

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  2. pigs always pickin on blokes with bikes
  3. I was fortunate enough to be on the other side of the road near Bateman's Bay this morning when a guy in a new-looking pick-up truck got cleaned up by a kangaroo; thousands of dollars of damage :shock:.....
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  5. how was the pickup truck ?

  6. What was the name of that poor Australia fellow who was overseas a couple of years back on a cross country type competition and hit a deer (or moose?) or something not far from the finish line and died on impact?
    (Yeah...vague..I know!)
  7. Anyone know if the guy who hit the pig is ok?
  8. That was the much-missed DAVO from FarRiders http://www.farriders.com/ :(
  9. Ah yes...cheers for the link. :(
  10. Well I've finally gotten the bike and myself back on the road after hitting Skippy during the Icicle Ride - the cost for the bike was $12 for plug leads (I replaced both although only one was lost) and while the leg's a bit stiff, it's all OK again.

    I think I'd prefer to hit a kangaroo than a pig though - the lower centre of gravity of the pig would make it a bit less likely to be recoverable.
  11. Anyone who has been a member on here for a few years might remember the discussions on the subject of Wombats.......
  12. the tanks of the animal world.
  13. I had a roo jump in front of me this morning, fortunately I was doing 20 clicks, was maybe 20 meters from my driveway at the time. See at least 3 or 4 cleaned up a week on the road I ride to work on though. Hopefully I never meet one at speed
  14. I have skippy to thank for destroying my lil 74 Celica..much as Loved that car if it weren't for a high speed collision with the bounder I wouldn't be back on two wheels. Several people have questioned my sanity about this and have put forward the well thought out 'what if you are on the bike instead of driving?..huh?..then what? Did you think about that?' line of questioning.. the reply is always the same 'If I was riding I would have missed him by at least 6 feet'.
    The real annoying thing was that after I pulled over to inspect the carnage (to my car) I looked back down the road to see the bugger sitting up scratching his belly and then hop off...."you killed my car your furry fecker!..you could at least die".
  15. Please be aware fellow Netriders as the days heat up further into Summer you will see more kangaroos on the road as they search for water!