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One of the girls at work just run over my bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by radness, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. One of the girls at work just reversed over my bike. We have parking spots that go back 2 deep and a vehicle needs to be removed to get the one at the back out. So she reversed into the park and backed over my bike at a lowish speed. knocked the bike over.

    Small dint in the fuel tank paint scraped on the tank and under seat faring. Not too much else done that I can see. Just minor scrapes on the blinkers, mirror and a bent clutch lever.

    And I was having such a good day today too.

    And I just had her husband spray paint my front mudflap after cracking it only a couple of weeks ago. (I hope he's got plenty of spare paint).
  2. She better "look after" him well! I'd be so pissed if I were her husband.
  3. Is she hot? :roll:
  4. Well he owns a car company that hots up Japanese sports cars. She often turns up in them to work but today shes in some older car. Lucky she hit my old Spada in that than one of those cars.

    And yes she is pretty. She might of done it as retribution of me dubbing her Asian Barbie today as its casual Friday and she looks like a Barbie doll today.

    I told her she had to buy the whole office ice creams for swearing.
  5. Perhaps she could re-pay you for the damage in.... some other way :wink:
    On a weekly basis :grin:
  6. what is it with you lot? why does every conversation about women come back to having your house cleaned? :eek:
  7. hahahahaahaha good one!!!!

    Hope it all gets fixed, dude...
  8. haha lol
  9. Polished and buffed. Polished AND buffed.
  10. haha bad luck mate. On the up side it might come back looking better than before :grin:
  11. Yeah that sucks... had same thing happen to me cept it was a patient that backed into it... $1200-1300 damage on his insurance!
  12. :LOL: @ Thomo, & subsequent posts [​IMG]
  13. yeah indeed, classic line bonox!! :LOL:.