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One of the downsides to having bike as sole transport

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. is when you go to the snow and fvck your neck! Now i'm stuck catching the loser cruiser everywhere!!! Worst system ever in Canberra too. Really need to get that car running...

  2. Mate i know how you feel.

    I stupidly got burnt on the face and neck on the weekendm and now im unable to wear a helmet. Oh yeah second and third degree burns hurt alot.

    Now i cant go anywhere, to get myself lunch or anything.

    It sucks ass.

    Hope you heal quickly mate, good luck with it.

  3. Perhaps next time, you'll try skiing instead of using the bike on the snow :p :grin:
  4. I have given some thought to your question and am a bit perplexed as to why you would limit the cartage of a fish to a motorcycle.

    I strongly suggest a strong plastic bag and public transport to avoid have ing a bike that smells.

  5. fixed that for you mate

    kind of have the same problem, except i have two bung ankles and play hockey, for 2-3 days afterwards i can barely walk let alone cahnge up gears, and i don't see me re-registering my ute any time soon
  6. Girls. The pair of you.
  7. pretty much as mitch said, HTFU!
  8. Ha ha ha, yeah i'm such a slack bugger! Aint with my missus anymore so i'm free as a bird! On this coming monday??
  9. Ha ha ha, yeah i'm back on it! Still got that weird hit in the funny bone sensation in the arm, but it works alright!!

    And fingers, that's sh!thouse mate, hope it gets better soon!
  10. riding a bike to work at 5:30am in winter sucks
  11. Yeah but the traffic is good!
  12. A vasectomy and a bike don't mix. Lucky work is close.
  13. i still ride every where, i don't do buses, but occassionally when it's real bad, i pinch someones cage to do what i need to do
  14. eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Way TMI
  15. bow, go out and buy yourself an old trumpy or something that will rattle your teeth!

    saying that, this has to be one of the toughest mofo's on here.. instant kudo's for that.
  16. Friday night, you have an afternoon class but its over now.

    The plan; take the gf for dinner

    sounds easy?

    Phase 1; both are at uni

    Phase 2;she catches bus to the place with all the food and you ride

    Phase 3; finish dinner and desert and she catches the bus to her house while you ride there, then wait for that slow ass bus to catch up!

    :p i'll get my car back this week!
  17. drink a can of harden the fark up for breakfast...

    I ride to work everymorning at 3, no matter how cold or wet it is...

    Slowly youll get used to it and it wont seem as cold.... :D
  18. Well when I was your age, before Global warming, the only HTFU we had was what you woke up with in the morning. I had to ride to Antartica and back before breakfast in squid gear as leather had not been invented.

    Young people these days don't know how good they have it.