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One of the best things about riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. So there I am tootling along at at a 'good' pace on the Monash in the outside lane in heavy traffic...No worries.
    Nissan "something" with turbo weezing and loud exhaust comes up the inside lane, moves past me, and dives into a very small gap between the cars ahead of me in the RH lane....So we all have to brake. Then I watch as the nonga, switches back and forth the 3 lanes, diving in front of this car and that, steadily making progress one car at a time, albeit quite aggressively.
    After a few minutes of this, I figure it'd be nice to just cruise on past, to reduce his efforts so far, to ineffective and useless...so I casually slip between a few cars and catch up - Rice burner, now begins to take even more rsiks with the cars around him....switching from far left to far right as he sweeps across the three lanes, turbo popping and banging like fat on a BBQ... :roll:
    I sit back and watch a bit, and then move up again, but this time I go past him smoothly and slip ahead in the traffic, watching for the next 10k's or so while nitwit, swerves in and out of the other cagers, struggling to find any flow at all to seemingly catch up with me...
    I could see the frustration on his face, and I thought to myself...all this huffing and puffing from this drongo, while I was having an enjoyable and relaxed tootle to work. :grin:
    I love my Bike. :LOL:

  2. it's always great rubbing it in to wanker cages doing this sort of thing :LOL: , but did you really wanna be in front of him with him driving in that fashion? :shock:
  3. Who cares its fun
  4. Yeah no problem with you doing it but I wouldn't want him to catch up with you. In this case though it sounds like he didn't have a chance in hell to get through the traffic.
  5. Hehe, nice story, mate. Gotta love it when tossers throw everything they've got into a car just to eat sh*t in the end. :grin:
  6. Nyah...don't worry...there were alot of cars between him and me...and anytime I liked I could've just turned up the wick a bit and left him well and truelly behind in the traffic mass. :)...I was remaining conservative in my riding...
  7. I love doing the same thing. but I dont really hold back as much I just watch him what he's doing then just cruise past him :grin:
  8. also had this problem with wanna be dorift kings :LOL: you can tell they want too be on a bike..lucky for the rest of the world they the frik aint :cool:
  9. Haha nice work...
    I love it when 'commonw*ores' do their 'im big and im tough' routine on the road and you get in front of them :D
  10. Nice story there raven, I at this point in time drive a cage to work due to loss of bike, but i watch all the bikes pass me buy and I smile when i see a booner try to keep up and swap lanes with very poor results.
  11. noice... :twisted:
  12. john...cool, if only he could have seen your smile of satisfaction. Helmets get in the way sometimes. :p
    My fav is when the the nong drags you off at the lights, then the next lights are red, so you gently roll in beside them, and shake your head a little. And it usually happens that they catch all the red lights.

    Traffic lights the great equalizers.

    Good here people out riding having a good day.
  13. Oh yeah!...that's ALOT of fun...to hear their engines screeeeeaming, and just keeping pace with them...next set of lights...a little stronger to see if they will thrash it all the way - cager with satisfied grin on face at keeping up...then the next set of lights....a distant spec before they've made second gear. LOL ahhhh, the joy... :LOL: :LOL:
  14. What traffic? I live in countryside, with wide open roads.....no idea what you're going on about.... :p
  15. Sounds like a typical day on Sydney's roads :grin: Bikes you gotta love em! :)
  16. :LOL:
    I remember those days of splitting past the desperate cagers... aaah :cry:
    Only 6 days and 22hrs more of this caging crap... :grin:
  17. Yeah that sort of thing is great.

    Had an awesome one the other day, going down blackburn road, just past Whitehorse Road and heading towards the Eastern, sticking to 50km/h a mid-life-crisis in a Porsche Boxter overtakes me (yes, on the single lane, solid line bit) and disapears over the hill. As I come down the hill I see him stuck in the queue at the lights to cross the Eastern Fwy so I just neatly split past him to the front then watched as he dodged and weaved to try and catch me all the way to Doncaster Rd. I got through on the Orange, he got stuck in the queue again. :LOL:
  18. lol, readin all this reminds me of this one morning a Excel tried to drag me off the line. The lights were red went I saw this Hyundai with crome rims, low profile tyres, big exhaust, spoilers. Came up beside him shook my head. Lights went green, I kinda let him go first then I just wait till my rev hits 8000 in first, then in second and he's just a spec in my mirror :grin: . Next set of lights he didnt even try lol,,, :LOL:
  19. yeah what is it with young pricks in rice burners and commos always trying to drag ya off the line. i just try and steer clear of em now.
    the other one i love is when you are coming to a red light, and some one next to you and slightly in front cuts you off just to get ahead in the que :roll: really smart move till you just split past em.
  20. besides the modified rice burners with moronic drivers, I find middle aged blokes in the family car are the next in line to fang it off the lights... the good thing is, even on the two fiddy me taking off at 60% is enough to clear all the normal cages... if I hear and see someone fanging it next to me, it is just enough time to look over at them in amusement and then apply another 20-40% throttle and leave em for dead.