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One of our own!!!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Finn, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. **Note - No abbreviations have been used in this post, (bar one) to make no mistake. The POI is to take each word literally.**
    Heading North along the Old Pacific Highway (very Southern end) yesterday afternoon, around 3:30pm I was greeted by a southbound Fukcwit who decided it was ok to overtake a slower rider on a semi-blind corner and take almost half of my lane. This "rider" in his (what appeared to be brand new) dark blue Berrick jacket, as cool as he thought he was, could have ruined the life of not only me, but my wife and two very young kids. (and that is where my anger stems)
    All for what?
    Because he couldn't control his testosterone and wait until a straight to overtake a slower bike? Or at the very least a sweeper that was coming up. (which tells me he doesn't know the road too well).
    You mate, are a fukcing joke of a rider. I have no respect what so ever for pr1cks like you. That shows me you have no true riding ability at all. Or, you can't hold your wad.

    On a ride recently, I tried to wave a rider past. The rider later told
    me that no matter what, he never passes on corners. (even though i know that he's more than capable. He could have taken me anytime he wanted). That attitude and etiquette commands respect. (G - Blue R6). Not the dog sh1t you pulled today.
    Funny thing about the Old Road, we're all regulars.
  2. Im just glad you get to tell this story and i dont like that sh1t head either.
  3. Glad your OK Finn, unfortunately there are a few of them out there, and I fear their numbers may be increasing.
  4. I've ridden behind Finn and he always points his foot out telling the rider "I know your there, overtake me now" old road is full of dickheads
  5. Glad you're OK Finn - unfortunately there are too many tools. I've been overtaken on the old road - on the inside - when I was relatively new to riding, I know it could've happened anywhere but it means that I avoid the old road now.
  6. Cheers all. You can probably tell, I wasn't happy.
    I failed to mention that it was a right hander (for me) so my head was closer to him than the bike was.
    Anyway, end of the day we didn't touch so I guess it worked out well.
  7. Oops! Double post.
  8. Do wish farkwits would stay on their side of the centre line.
  9. :(

    I remember when my friend and I were on our L's, on Old road, we were under taken and over taken by two guys on ducati's. Can you imagine what went through our minds as one bike went to our left, then his friend to the right, same treatment for each of us on a tight set of corners, the final one blind >.<
  10. I like to ride fast on old road but when it comes to overtaking, thats one of the few times you'll hear me spit out the "this is not a racetrack" spiel. Passing on corners on the mountains just isn't on. The only time I break the rule is if the guy infront pulls to the side and sticks his foot out but even then Im thinking why didn't you just wait till your on a straight!? There's alot of n00bs that want to do the right thing and move out of your way but they shouldn't be putting there concentration into that mid corner. I used to drill it into my gf to ignore them and don't look in your mirrors mid corner just move over on the next straight, if they really want to get past they'll do it anyway.
  11. asshole...no respect for anyone. another vote for a shotgun sling then.

    not too mention, if the coppers had picked him up it would've been for speeding, not for dangerous driving...cause speed kills y'know.

    glad to hear you got away ok Finn
  12. Yeah this is good advice, probably important for me to take too. I still often find that I don't wont to hold other riders up or am so concerned that they are going to overtake me whilst unprepared that more of my attention goes into to making space for them than just making them wait for a straight safe stretch. Perhaps the view should be look out for them but keep doing your thing/hold your line as you normally would.

    Is there a sign for I see you, I'll make way at next opportunity?
  13. I thought it's just sticking your right leg out. Whether you want to do that mid corner or not.... ;)
  14. Yeah its a foot sign but make sure your safe 1st before u go sticking it out
  15. ive been rideing for over 30 years and have never seen anyone stick there leg out...wheres that come from ,,,i dont know how you guys ride but i pick a line when coming in to a corner and stick to it,if someone wants to over take or undertake me in the corner so be it i still keep the line im on
  16. Unfortunately they're not just breeding in the waters north of Sydney mate......they're up here as well......must be the hot weather 'cause they are definitely multiplying at a fast rate.
    Nothing more exciting than taking a left with a 'start wide/finish tight' objective in mind than when some retard comes the other way at double the speed of light with nowhere to go.... over the centreline!
    Getting that way that I seldom play on the Oxley on a weekend..... safer on weekdays when you've only got cagers/trucks/vans to worry about without 100kph missiles coming at you....... :(
  17. s'pose the thing is Tiprat'..........I'd hate to see a coming together of you and some numnut just because you took your intended line and some twat totally miscalculates either when you are going to 'tip in' OR in evading an 'oncoming' he takes you out as well..........
    That said, if the 'arsewipe' gets his rocks off by rounding up newbies the same way, showing just how good he is.........he's going to be hell and gone by the time the poor newbie frightens himself to death and spears off, or wobbles off into the bushes.
    We'd all do well to remember the credo of 'Fright & Flight' with new riders, and some more mature.....:eek:.... in the midst of what they consider a complicated manouvre, the last thing they need is the sound barrier being broken right beside them...:p

    just my opinion.
  18. Finn,
    Sorry to hear about your ordeal with that downright manic wanker. I loathe riders of that calibre, trying to 'prove' something to make their sultana-sized nuts grow just that little bit bigger !
    We're out there to ride, have fun, feel the sense of freedom that others don't have the privilege (or desire) in doing so. These types of personalities need a 'proper education'...unfortunately not verbal either.
    Glad to hear you're okay mate.
  19. tiprat since ive been riding on the road a whole of 9 months ive seen plenty of people put there leg out and i do it myself and move to the left.
  20. finn there are someretards on our roads and really piss you off when they do stupid shit