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one of my experiences on the road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Levih, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Have been on the road for 3 months now, i'd just like to share one thing ive seen a person in a car do, and just couldn't help shaking my head


    Anyone else care to share with a painting :)

  2. im with goz
  3. Am I the only person who waits inline like everyone else, im too afraid i might hit ppls cars :(
  4. In the cage I've had similar... me and a 4WD are in the middle lane, I'm behind him... I move across to the right, he does the same, I'm a fair distance back and he hasn't done anything erratic so far... Suddenly, his car is just stopped... Dead stopped, in the middle of the road. I don't even know if his brake lights were working, it happened that quick (80 km/h) that I was too busy going "oh fcuk oh fcuk oh fcuk" to assess how it had happened... I managed to JUST get past him to his left, with some extreme braking and maneuvering, horn blaring and my yelling "What the f*** are you doing you f*** **** **** ****!!!!", to his wife whose face is just :shock: . A second later he's got his indicator on and moves out of the lane going straight ahead INTO the lane turning right (yep, intersection - on a bike I'd be more wary), I straighten up and drive off... 10 seconds later I look back and he's cutting BACK INTO traffic :? , then pulls up behind me at the next set of nights. I stared into the rear vision mirror the entire time while he and his wive avoided looking back nervously... Bloody idiot!!

    (In retrospect this situation has improved my own hazard perception though, which I'm glad - when I finally get my bike I won't end up as one of these clowns bumper stickers).
  5. Gahaha, you wonder how people do it.

    They just dont realize there in control of lethal weapons.
  6. [​IMG]

    Shakes head! :wink:
  7. I don't get it?
  8. ...and once again, race gets mentioned when it's irrelevant.

    How about it, admins - can we add something to the Ts and Cs. Not political correctness, just plain common sense: a d1ckhead driver is a d1ckhead driver, and there are d1ckhead drivers in all races. It's ridiculous to tar someone's whole race for their driving, or to contribute to stereotypes.
  9. You'll get confidant enough someday, personally I wouldn't split on your bike till you upgrade though, not having a dig or anything but the 125's are not known for their acceleration. I never split on my postie bike either, was too scared of being run over by some angry person ><
  10. +1 Bravus.
  11. True, what we need is generic, derogatory name for car drivers, "cagers "just isn't offensive enough I reckon.
  12. they would be shaking their heads b/c you are on a yamaha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. +1 bravus
  14. Well with today's slackness in obtaining your license and people not being complete aware of certain road rules, alot of people who come to Australia really have no idea how to drive a car, and there the most encounters I've had, + no discrimination.
  15. How do stereotypes come about?
  16. Stereotypes come about when someone has an identifiable feature. You can see 100 white drivers pull off a boneheaded move, and you'll just think 'idiot'. You see one Indian driver pull the same move, and think 'Indian idiot'. And then a heap of people make the same category error and post it here, and even if the incidence of boneheaded driving among Indian drivers is *identical* with that of white drivers, from a scientific perspective, a stereotype is born... and then every time an Indian driver makes a boneheaded move, that stereotype is strengthened because the error is ascribed to a whole race, whereas every time a white driver does the same there is no stereotype, so the error is ascribed only to that individual. It's a very simple process, and it means that a stereotype tells you *nothing* useful. I just think it make sense for this site to stand up and avoid contributing to the problem.
  17. Shall we just limit it to Falc-hoons, Common whores, tradie utes, 4WDs, Merc, BMWs, Audis, "Hello Kitty" cars, fulli sik mobiles and taxis rather than including races?
  18. simple minded morons are those that cheer for stereo types. But i drive a 4wd, and a euro car, my daughter has hello kitty sun shades. I guess I must be a terrible driver.

    I'll go hand my licence in so the simple ones amongst you cant stereo type me... wankers.