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One Musketeers trip.....

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. An early departure was essential to cover the big first day, met Haggis at Loftus 6.45am (he’s riding with us to Tahra). Marvin took a wrong turn and arrived as I sent the SMS to say “we’ll meet you at Albion Parkâ€. So leaving at 7.20 under drizzle that soon turned to pouring rain once we got on the freeway. Make pretty good time, fuel up and meet up with the ‘Gong crew at 8.30. Maccas breakfast, meet Spots and JP and catch up again with Hornet and Sleddog.

    So seven of us head off at 9am heading for Narooma – 250kms and some of the bikes range will be tested. The rain eases after Mollymook, and with plenty of traffic, it’s hardly a fun ride. Rode at the back, carrying the spare fuel and giving a bit of space behind JP so he can concentrate on his riding and get some extra practice in for his “P’s†test this Thursday (all the best for Thursday JP).

    Coming into Batemans Bay and the traffic has stopped, so we ride up the breakdown lane for about a kilometre, and join the traffic just before the bridge, which we later found out had opened

    Leaving The Bay, the rain stops and the traffic has also dropped off. We enjoy nice roads before making Narooma – no need to use the spare fuel – although a couple did peel off not wanting to “do a Kramer†and see how far they could ride till empty.

    At Narooma we meet JazzFan, Niecey, their friend Kim and a mate of mine Pete who’s got a couple of hours spare. And Tribos and Pegasus also join the fun from here. So we’re now totalling 13 riders – and we split up with JazzFan, Pete, Pegasus, Tribos and I leaving to do a slightly longer trip. We take the Bermagui road which whilst not in great condition, provides plenty of corners. little traffic and some great coastal panoramas.



    We then head to Imlay Road which is another hidden gem if you like fast sweepers and no traffic apart from a few rally cars.


    Coming down to Cann River is another great road, and to think it was only a month ago heading down to GP was my first run on it, and luckily doing it again.

    We fuel up at the corner servo, and as we head over to the Café, a group of bikes arrives at the other one – and sure enough it’s the rest of the NSW Musketeers.

    Bikes from left;

    SledDog (GSX650F), Kim (R1150R), Spots (Tiger 1050), JP (VTR250)

    Hornet (600 Hornet), mine (Duc ST4s), Pegasus (VFR), JazzFan (650 Strom), Tribos (Blackbird), Niecey (Hyosung), Marvin (TDM),

    We chat about the day so far and plan the next part of the ride. It's 4pm, and Bombala our overnight stop is only 90kms away – but there is a road I’ve heard much about and always wanted to ride was the Bonang Hwy. Most of the group decide to head up to Bombala, the shorter way – but five of us decide on the longer 245kms…..

    First up we have a nice run to Orbost of 75kms, and then onto the Bonang. Here’s some pics of the fun

    Spots, Tribos and Pegasus

    Tribos on the 'Bird

    JazzFan Strommin' it

    The road is everything you could ask for. In the 130kms, we only see one 4WD and a DR650 coming the other way. The road is not very wide, and think the centreline markings are only there so the logging trucks know to keep their wheels each side. The corners are never ending, there are no advisory speed signs, but you soon get into a groove of staying in one gear, or just attack and brake for each corner for a change.

    Last bit of dirt...

    There are two lots of gravel – 13kms and 8kms. Both were in good condition and easily done on a road bike.

    Really hope they never fully tar this road. The beauty of it will be lost, it's pure motorcycling magic, and the dirt's all part of the fun


    That sign....you see if heading south

    We finish the run into Bombala on dusk and only see one small roo. Now for a beer or three after over 850kms....

    The Imperial Hotel really look after us – great food and hosts (Steve and Virgina), cold beer and Karaoke. Was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

    Sunday brings sun and clear skies. Two different rides again with SirSkuffy’s group heading down to the coast and up Brown Mountain to get across to Tintaldra.

    Our group takes the slow and easy way - wanted to take pics of the riders and took plenty - see link at bottom

    Here's a couple....

    GarethKinvestigates this corner....

    Pegasus flying along...

    Niecey on Alpine Way



    So rode to Cooma, Jindabyne, Thredbo and the legendary Alpine Way. A few too many blind corners for me with a bit of traffic that loved the middle of the road, and also we were riding downhill so plenty of braking, but good to tackle another legendary road.

    Manage to get a bit lost trying to find Tintraldra, not realising how tiny it is, as the clouds get darker....


    We find it, and am surprised that all that’s there is the pub.


    Another great time had by all. It rains most of the night, and we get up to cloudy skies. Four of us leave before breakfast and are on the road by 7.30 heading to Tumut. Marv will join us at Tumut, so Spots, JP, Sled and I leave for the climb back up the mountain. Soon realise I’m underdressed – it’s freezing, plenty of fog and light drizzle of rain. Another fun road well worth riding along. Marvin arrives, telling us he got plenty of rain, we decide we will just slab it down the Hume from Gundagai, rather than the Cootamundra road if all it’s going to do is rain on us. We get a few more showers before Goulburn, and stop for our last fuel and pics.


    A fantastic trip way, and the NSW Musketeers increased by over 1,000% since last year when I was the sole attendee

    And HUGE thanks to SirSkuffy for organising

    All the pics via slideshow...grab a drink - there's over 200....
  2. Hey, great post.

    It was a great weekend can't wait to do it again!

  3. top report, alex, and your usual high standard of photography
  4. fantastic report TC...i've never been further south than nowra on my bike yet can you believe that?..lol....but awesome pictures with variety of roads and great looking bikes...especially pegasus's :p
    thanks for making the effort
  5. Great report TC .
    Thanks for taking the time to get the pictures ,I got in trouble when I got home and had only 8 :LOL: .

    How many more sleeps to the next trip :wink:

    Pitty you didn't say good by in the morning Paul :? ,the lady that owns the pub is looking for you :mad: ,but I paided her off ,not to call the cops. :LOL:
  6. Here's the one shot of you I took Alex. Sorry its so crappy, you came up too quick and didn't give me enough time to get ready :)

  7. Thanks Alex - nice pics, looking at photobucket too :LOL:

    Come on JazzFan - it's a motorbike NOT a violin, get rid of that bloody stick!!!

    :p :p :p :p :p

  8. Well the lady in the pub has no-one to blame but herself, quite frankly. I tried twice to pay well before the liquid merriment took hold, and she twice referred me to Mitch. When I talked to Mitch he told me to talk to her. I mean, it's not as if I couldn't, or wouldn't, pay my way....

    As to the morning, well, I was up at 5:30 having been woken up every hour on the hour by the (increasingly incoherent) smokers club outside the window below, and believe me, not even the birds were up that that time :LOL:. My guess is that I was 100 miles away before anyone else's head got off the pillow.....
  9. So, long story short...

    The money was left under the pillow right? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p
  10. You know, I've never had to do that, so I didn't think of it :LOL:.

    Thanks to Brett for reminding me, anyway, I shall sort it out today.

    It was, in passing, a terrific bed for an old pub :).
  11. Great write up and pics Alex.

    Maybe next year I will be able to make this ride then back for the Snowies.

  12. I payed for it ,I'll get it off you next time im at the pie shop. :LOL:
  13. Done diddly, you are a nice man :).