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One motorbike for one lifetime

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aldrich_87, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. If you were only allowed ONE motorbike in your lifetime, which one would you pick?

    *Would help if you included a small picture.
  2. Mine. VT 750 Shadow

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  3. [​IMG]

    Will do most anything with bmw reliability and quality. Even though I'm not into the dirt yet, I may want to one day. And they aren't all that bad on the road, or so I hear.
  4. That's looks awesome man.
  5. Absolutely awesome !
  6. [​IMG]

    This bike pwns all!
  7. If it had to last a lifetime, I'd have to go for a BMW. Probably an R100GS. Carburettored simplicity and fewer electronics than later bikes combined with Meccano set logical construction.

    Oh yeah, and 'cos I like 'em :grin:.
  8. The bike I'm trying to buy, if I can freakin' find one that fits my requirements: CBR600F4i.
  9. VFR, anywhere between 1994 and 2001.
  10. BMW R1200 GS coz it would do everything

  11. ct110, postie bike.....they are near on impossible to kill....do it all, you could be a postman one day then a milk man in the avro, continue on to be the wheelie king come night fall and come the weekend become the modern outback adventurer :rofl:
  12. The new multistrada 1200, electronic ride height adjustment, traction control, abs and switchable engine mapping (100 - 150hp) on the detuned 1198 engine, may possibly be the best all round bike ever. It also weights about 40kg less than the BMW 1200 gs which l can't touch the ground on. Will have to wait and see the road tests when they come out but l'm already thinking about trading the 848 in.

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  13. Yeah but it's a Ducati.
  14. Holy F#$%! Where did that spring from! I'm in lerve...

    To the topic; yes the R1200GS looks like it would survive in a post-apocalyptic world... but would the electronics?

    Every bike I've ever bought was going to be a keeper. Same with the SM. But if the powers that be say "No more bikes", I'd be very happy to have landed on the KTM. No computers, just simple, repairable carburetors and a job description a mile wide.
  15. You guys are going the durability and the versatilty route. Peronally if I only ever got to ride one bike it would be:

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  16. Different interpretations of the question I s'pose. I took it to mean a bike to last a lifetime. If it's one bike for one ride, which were to be my last, it'd have to be a toss up between the blown Vincent special that was on the cover of Classic Berk nearly 25 years ago, and which subsequently appears to have sunk without e-trace, and a nitroused Kwak H2.
  17. I'd get a CR500E. It's a cult bike, will have parts forever, and can be modified back and forth to race flat track, road race, supermoto, mx, enduro, or whack some rego plates on it for a ridiculously good fun street bike. There'll be guys racing the CR500's for my entire lifetime, much like the old 125 Elsinore is still much sought after now.
  18. Given your life expectancy on that thing, it should do nicely. :p
  19. Great question.

    I'm tossing up between my Bandit - I have no particular yen to get off the tar, don't camp or anything like that, and the Bandit does everything I want it to on sealed roads - and agreeing with the F800GS.