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One more roundabout question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MadAzz300, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. If I am waiting to turn right on this roundabout (because there is already a car in the roundabout and one following close behind):


    and there's also a car stopped straight ahead waiting for the cars, who goes first? Me or the other car? The reason I ask is, 80% of the time this happens, the car straight ahead of me doesn't move off the mark and sometimes the driver waves me through.

    This is causing me to have a bit of confusion. I thought this scenario would be treated like a normal right turn off of the main road? Wait for straight through traffic to clear before proceeding?
  2. Nah, you are clear to proceed as long as you give way to any traffic on your right already on the roundabout. So as soon as you enter, the driver has to give way to you.
  3. It's a roundabout, give way to traffic already in the roundabout (generally this will be all traffic to your right). Since you would be to the right of the car directly opposite, then they would give way to you.

    This is pretty basic stuff :-s
  4. You go first. He gives way to his right - technically you are the vehicle on his right. So you have right of way to go through the roundabout.
  5. All true.. but in victoria the opposing car would have already driven through and slammed on the brakes after almost t-boning the car entering from our right, they would exchange select words about each others mothers and heritages and then wave various blunt objects at each other. The car entering from our right would move on and complete their right hand turn with the inside rear wheel spinning madly while the outside rear wheel was receiving no power from the engine.. they would be proud of the "epic" burnout they just completed and the opposing car would continue forwards.. leaving the intersection now completely clear for me to make my right hand turn.
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  6. ummm....this is basic road rules stuff....do you still have your license test books? I think it would be a good idea to go back and read them again. You're going to get yourself into trouble (and other people) if you dont know this basic stuff.
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  7. There is no such thing as give way to your RIGHT at a roundabout, you give way to anybody already on it regardless whether they are to your LEFT or RIGHT.
    Nobody follow's the rules correctly at roundabout's we all just keep giving away to our right then just sail through.
  8. Yep I know its basic..just clarfying.. I suppose I wad thinking that as the car in the roundabout clears the lane, the other car straight ahead would start going because I'm still blocked - but most sit there ...

    Oh well, guess someones gotta ask the stupid questions... Might as well be me (y)
  9. Whilst I don't disagree that this is the law, there are two considerations here.

    Firstly it's difficult to be on the left and be on the roundabout first, just from a timing perspective.

    Secondly, if you were to have an accident and you don't have a witness, then the cops will not likely believe you were on the roundabout first if you were on the left. It would be just too hard to prove.

    Best just to give into the masses on this one and give way to the right. It works and is ultimately no skin of your nose.
  10. If I was the car coming towards you and you were blocked, then I would nip through, but many people will not.

    I'm still suprised by the number of people who challenged by roundabouts.
  11. The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked.

    I'll bet for every 'stupid' question asked there's half a dozen lurkers thinking to themselves 'I'm glad she asked that, I was wondering too'.

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  12. Thanks Aly, I just got home, so I popped onto the RTA website to check out the roundabout section (again)

    So, lets see if I am reading this correctly: the car straight ahead should be going first. They will always have the "safe gap", as the car turning right (from my right) clears thier lane first.
  13. No. A car already ahead in roundabout (turning right from your right) might carry on turning right to complete what is effectively a u-turn using the roundabout, going back in the direction it came from.

    You enter a roundabout when there is a gap available for YOU to do so in the traffic already on the roundabout.

    If the car waiting opposite has failed to take advantage of a gap in the traffic to enter, you don't wait for them to do so. As soon as you're on the roundabout, that waiting car is required to give way to you too.

    It used to be law to give way to right (traffic entering roundabout from your right had priority) and to give way to all traffic already on roundabout. This changed about 12 years ago, the give way to right rule was dropped. The general driving public wasn't really informed, so many still adhere to it.

    Regardless, if you're giving way to all traffic already on roundabout, their direction of approach is from the right, so still effectively giving way to right.
    Dropping the give way to right rule just made entry onto roundabouts more of a free-for-all.
  14. There's a roundabout near where I live (Merindah Rd near Crestwood shops for any who know the Hills District) that only has three exits and is essentially bringing a side road from the local shops into a road with heavier traffic. The shape of the road means that the traffic in the main road do a bit of a weave but essentially could get through at about 30-40km/h, whereas coming from the side road and turning right up a hill is a pretty slow maneouvre. The traffic coming down the hill are just coming over a crest and don't have too much visibility of the side road if they're on or over the 50km/h limit.

    I've lost count of the number of times I've been on the slow right-hand turn and an idiot coming down the hill from the right hits their horn because they think I have to give way to them just because they're approaching the roundabout.

    My second rant is how few people know how to use their blinkers correctly for roundabouts! Saw a guy in a ute in Tamworth signal right to enter the roundabout and then signalled left to leave, going straight ahead. I thought he had just changed his mind, but then he did the same thing on three consecutive roundabouts!
  15. Yes I find everyone thinks its "give way to the right" .....or "Im on the 'main' road and youre on the 'side' road so I have right of way"

    I guess that thinking at least makes 1 vehicle slow down or stop....most of the time!.......the thing that really pisses me off is the p platers who just retain the same speed and fly thru thinking you will stop for them.......I just love chugging out into the roundabout (in my car and when I actually do have right of way) to see the road rage and horn honking.

    Whats really needed is for the normal "give way" sign to be there instead of the "circular arrows" sign.....we all can see its a roundabout but people need to be reminded to SLOW DOWN and GIVE WAY !

    end of rant =D>
  16. I actually find the opposite, in that it's people that stop as a matter of course that ruin the workings of roundabouts.

    It's these people I will dodge in front of, if they are on my right, even if they get ot the roundabout first. "Haven't got time for your frigging about love"
  17. Yea its abit of a catch 22 ....... theres alot of people that come to a complete stop and just wait till theres no one on the roundabout or waiting anywhere.

    The only ones that really work well are the very large multi laned ones .......then I guess u get the problem of lane wandering.
  18. The law itself is almost in two minds on round abouts.
    The law states you "Must give way to all traffic on the road about"
    Even states you "must prepare to stop" "Give way"
    Giving way is preparing to stop. Not coming to a complete stop.
    That's what a round about was designed for....flow.
    Yet now they plant trees and shrubs in the round abouts and center islands approaching them so you have no option but to stop or take a big chance because you wont have time to scan the thing properly. Old mate behind knows the rules and isn't stopping...he isn't looking at you either, he is worried about traffic on the round about. You stop..he doesn't. I see it every day. Old mate no stoppy is booked every time...no fault on mr stoppy either.
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  19. Yep, this is THE most annoying thing for me, and guaranteed to start an argument if Mrs K is driving (ie, I'm already drunk...)

    As for the above scenario, the OP and the car facing her shouldn't have to worry about who gives way to who - the car opposite should see the "block" in front of the OP caused by the 2 cars on her right, and enter the roundabout as soon as they clear his path.
    The OP has to wait for the 2 already in there, so by the time she actually tips in to the right turn, the car facing her should have exited behind her...
    It's not fucking rocket surgery, people...
  20. Yep, that is quite annoying and confusing.