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QLD One more Q-Ride Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bravus, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. I did do the obligatory search first, I promise. It's just that it's very ambiguous.

    Mrs Bravus has had her Ls in QLD for a couple of years but never gotten around to doing Q-Ride and getting her license.

    That is about to change in the next couple of weeks.

    She has had her full car license for 35 years or so.

    Will she be eligible to ride a non-LAMS bike once she completes Q-Ride?

    It's confusing because everything you read says 'must have held an RE license for a year'. But the Ls license says 'RE' on it.

    She's had her Ls for more than a year, but does she need to get her license and ride a LAMS bike for another year, then do another Q-Ride to upgrade to an R (unrestricted) license? Or can she go straight to R from where she is now?

    It's relevant because she currently rides a CB125E. I'd like to upgrade her to a real bike, but non-LAMS midsize bikes are a hell of a lot cheaper than LAMS ones.
  2. Correct. She will need to do her Q-Ride to get her LAMS level licence (RE), ride for a year, then go do Q-Ride again for her big boy/girl licence (R).
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  3. As above. When she passes Q-ride they give certificate she'll need take to DoT and they'll issue her with an open class RE licence (for LAMS bikes). After 12 months she'll be eligible to take R licence q-ride course.
  4. How many days/hours/seconds until your R licence CM? Although I reckon you'd still be more than entertained with that weapon you've currently got.
  5. 10 months, 2 day I guess. Have been having sneaky thoughts about removing the throttle restrictor after Mondays ride - will see. Otherwise, sat on a M1200S other day and felt like it was made for me - all the youtube vids of them though, a little bit of gas and hey presto - instant unexpected wheelie! It does have an urban mode though.

    Otherwise, can't ride my girl for a while now as some wanker backed into it today at Canungra and the brake light is stuck on now as rearset brake took most of hit. Only couple other scratches on bar ends though - she's a strong girl luckily, but can't get it to shop till Monday for quote and fixing.
  6. You're kidding!!!! That's devastating!!! Did you get their details? are they coughing up? Man I'm sorry to hear it :-(

    Is it just the brake pedal itself bent? We might be able to straighten it out enough to free it up?
  7. Thanx all... and burger! As I said, lots of non-LAMS bikes around sub 3 grand while any decent LAMS ones are at least 4...

    She may just have to stick with the CB for a year. If she does Q-Ride next week it's a pretty neat calendar year.
  8. Then she can get a 'real bike' next Christmas. :D
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  9. Ruined my day - not a good thing watching your baby being knocked on her arse. Brake pedal doesn't look bent - seems like an electrical connection for brake light has been damaged. Got his details - he did it in front of about 20 odd bikers at café so.... Hopefully its an easy fix or he'll have to cough up for new set of rizoma rearsets - not cheap! No riding for a bit though until shop opens next year. Or maybe borrow brother in-laws new bike - she is just sitting there waiting for his hands to heal.
  10. Will we have a look at it?
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  11. Depends when we schedule next ride!
  12. I was just hoping a temporary repair was easy to do so you could ride it. Often in that situation the bracket either holding the spring or the switch itself beds a little and can be bent back into place so it works.
  13. As above. An RE L is a permit not a licence.
    A CB125E is a real bike but there are plenty of LAMS bikes out there with more than enough punch for novices.
    Anyway that is her decision not yours ;-)

    I'm puzzled why the delay / reluctance to move on to do Q-Ride?
    It is a great opportunity for professional training and the cost is minimal when compared to the years ahead of bikes and gear and trips etc ...
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