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One more "New-B" Q...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nickerm, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Hi NR,

    Buying a V-star 250cc for my first bike just until I settle in to riding (trade up at the end of the year for bigger engine).

    Can someone please help me with a quick comparison between two bikes and value for $. Which way would you go in my case?

    Bike 1 - Private sale; 2006 Model, 23,000K's, Plenty of work completed on the bike recently (new chain, tyres, sprockets etc.), Rego. Got it locked in at $4500

    I test rode the above bike today and felt very happy with the whole deal...almost 100% on handing over the hard earned until I also saw this next advertisement on ebay

    Bike 2 - Dealership; 2009 Model, 2000K's!, No-rego for $5100

    Resale is important since I will be selling of in near future rather than years down the track. In this case should I be forking out the extra couple shells for the '09 or is it much a much? Is there any other significant consideration not being made? i.e. Is there any major differences/developments/evolutions between these models that would make me want to go for the newer or older specifically?

    Cheers for any help NR's.
  2. any advice out there?

    Sorry, not being demanding, and I know forum veterans don't appreciate newbies coming on here and asking whatever they like, but owner of bike 1 is only holding on for 24hrs to let me make a decision.

    Thanks in advance. Nick
  3. newbies are ALWAYS welcome, and it may be an oft-repeated question for us, but for you it's new, and therefore it's important.

    if you can ride the eBay bike it's ovbiously a better bet, 250s are holding their resale value almost despite condition because of the artificial environment created by LAMS and licensing....
  4. Cheers hornet,

    I will go for Bike 1 and not look back then :)

    Some people will probably think this sad but true. For me I suppose...it's brilliant! Thankyou.
  5. nothing to spend on bike 1
    bike 2 will be 'sold as traded' is an unknown quantity. but money will need to be spent to register.
    both bikes are gay.
  6. Haha no arguments...but then again from my interactions so are the mentalities of over half the population of the gold coast. When in rome! :p

    Gotta crawl before we can walk monkey :). Plus I know you are a major fan of cruisers.
  7. Get a quote from the bike shop as to what ride away price is. That's what they are trying to do I would say. Slap you with a few repair costs and inspection fee to get it to RIDE AWAY. Least you will know for free whats wrong with it.
    It's a lottery buying a 2nd hand bike.
    In saying that they are all pretty well made these days. So for mine it comes down to which one has a service history. On paper. Not oral, like yeah mate I change the oil every 6,000k's.
    Old mate might have done a better job than the poor 1st year at the shop. But unless the book is stamped and or he has all the service receipts. I would not take someones word for it.
    Don't matter what your riding long as your riding. And riding like you stole it.
  8. Bike 1! Bike 1!
  9. also, i keep reading the title of this thread as "one more "new BBQ""

    and i'm thinking - you got a new BBQ, cool... is it really worth posting about? hahaha
  10. The first one sounds like a better buy.
  11. I can't say for certain but I would Be 95% certain that they are exactly the same bike. The only time these low production bikes get changed is rarely and they usually get a name change.

    Ie zzr250- ninja 250 name change
    Spada 250- vtr250 name change.

    I doubt they would bother with retooling for a significant change to the bike without signalling that to the market with a name change.

    Bike 1