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One more good reason to ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by peter-reebok, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Last night, on the commute home.
    Ferntree Gully road Vic.
    Traffic bumper to bumper from Lum rd to Stud Road. (About 5 km).

    Myself (and a few others) - trickle up between the cars at 30-40 kmh, quietly having a chuckle at NOT being stuck in traffic!

    The cause - a solitary suzuki baleno blocking HALF a lane at the shops just before Stud rd.
    The result - sheer chaos for the cars. Thousands of cars held up - but no one could stop and push it a further 10 feet - and freeing up the road!

    Those on bikes - slight delays only!

    One more good reason to ride!

  2. So did you stop and push ? To help the cagers?
  3. They don't even stop to help each other...
  4. No one in the car - or standing near.

    And I am gunna stop, behind a car blocking the right hand lane, with cars spearing off around it - all pissed off. Although, I reckon I would have got a new bike from it when about 50 of em ran over it!

    Got out of there in a hurry.