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One more from Melbourne....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by krsreddy, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Hi comrades, got registered in netrider quite a while ago. I have been lurking around on and off in this site. Reading the meetup threads esp the ones near by my place. The one at the Williamstown and the one in Southbank. Both in 20 min distance for me!!

    Ever since I have moved to Oz from India, kind of missed the company of fellow bikers and biking around in the weekends, exploring the un-explored.

    I started riding first(age 10) on my sister's cycle before I got my own(age 11) cycle. Riding a bicycle was important as next step was riding a Luna, a very popular moped in India at that time.

    I am talking about early 90's. Learnt riding a moped on my dad's colleague's luna when I was 11 in our front yard(yeah!! had a big enough front yard). Sometime in late 90's got a gearless scoot, kinetic honda zx based on Honda NH125. Ah!! what a plessure it was 100cc 2 stroker. Zipping in and around traffic was a fun with the power on tap, though there was a bit of rubberband effect for it being the CVT type but keep it boiling you can have fun.

    Into early 2000s, started with HeroHonda CD100ss,

    a plane jane 100cc 4-stroker. With a topspeed of 60kmph. Thats when started with real motorcycles, survived 5 years with this with just a single fall with a minor bruise then moved onto a 125cc comuter, Suzuki Zeus zeus. as I joined a biking club and to just keep up with the group during the rides. This little thing was super smooth all the way till 80kmph and was a delight with 5 cogs and gear indicators.

    Couple of years with this one and I see everyone in the group were upgading their bikes, and time for me to upgrade as well and bought a used HeroHonda Karizma
    a road bike I think its based on the Honda CBF150 with Honda CRF230 engine. A reliable aircooled engine with minimal maintenance. 50,000km from this one is a not an unusual thing.

    Unfortunately, I had to ask my dad to sell both these bikes after I moved to Oz in 2012 as my dad is no longer interested in riding a motorbike and is happy with a car. He himself was a biker during his younger days riding a Royal Enfield Bullet 350STD which he sold in mid 90s.

    I am glad I have come across this forum. And felt at home right away. Especially its so similar to the vBulletin based forums I got used to back in India which I feel are more user friendly unlike php based ones. Looking forward to meet you guys after I get a bike for myself(currently I am bikeless).

    PS: Except for the two pics of the Zeus and Karizma rest of them are googled!!
  2. Welcome aboard indeed, and you do know that you can buy the Enfield here in Oz, don't you?

  3. Thanks mate.

    Yes. I do know. Infact a good number of bikes sold in India are sold in Oz. Just that my priorities are different at the moment. If I had to choose a bike right away, I would choose KTM 390!!!
  4. Hello and welcome, that KTM 390 looks like an awesome machine, many positive reviews.
  5. Welcome !
  6. Welcome to NR. Similar story to mine BUT my very own first bike was the Yamaha RX100. Still got a lot of memories attached to it. :)

    At the moment - I've got a Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom (XVS650) since mid 2011. Have you got a local license yet?
  7. welcome to NR and top intro, come down and say hello sat mornings down at Elwood , bike or no bike, we're still friendly.
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  8. Thanks mate.

    Wow!! RX100, it was a rocket till it hit 60kmph. I was almost about to purchase the RXZ but had to settle for the Karizma for the easy maintenance of the 4 stroker.

    Not yet. I am under the imression, that I can ride with my Indian license. I checked with the Vicroads(over the phone), I am good to ride with my Indian License.

    Thanks mate, it would be great to catch up with the fellow bikers. And Elwood isnt far for me!! I keep coming to meet a mate of mine who lives near Botanical Gardens. Its only that saturdays, I work!!! :(