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+ one more biker

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by down_with_choppers, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Just purchased a ZX-7R today! This is my first bike and i'm lovin it so far. Wondering what range people get with their 7R's.
  2. Welcome to the forums down_with_choppers. Have no idea what the ZX gets for range.
  3. Check bikesales or bikepoint.
  4. Welcome - first bike and it's a ZX7R? Sure it's not a ZX2R? :)
  5. Oh dang, i missread the sticker. :grin:
  6. :LOL:
  7. Maybe your missreading it again, are you sure its not a ZX14R? :grin:

    Still the ZX2R is a nice bike, congrats.
  8. Congratulations Chop! I almost bought one of them. We should swap occasionally!

    Although Ez is my baby... hmmm...
  9. happy riding!
  10. down_with_choppers ?? dude its CHOPPERS_TILL_YOU_DIE
  11. It's a ZX-7R. I was only kidding.
  12. What did you ride before this to get through your restrictions period if this is your first bike? *curious look*
  13. See up in QLD we have it good. Hold your car licence for 3 years > do Q-ride > get unrestricted licence.
  14. Welcome down_with_choppers, I just found this place recently too, there are some very friendly folk here :grin:
  15. Man...as much as I love living in Melbourne, we really gotta catch up with NSW and Queensland with regards to LAMS etc... :(
  16. your first bike and you already have strong opinions about which style of bike is the best down_with_choppers... or are you anti-teeth in your choice of the ladies? maybe one day you will ride a cruiser and see what all the fuss is about. riding sporties is exhilarating but they really don't have the personality or style of a cruiser. all bikes are different yet strangely still the same.

    welcome to the riding fraternity - you've made a life-changing decision to be a rider, non-riders will never understand what it's all about.
  17. OK. I will explain my thoughts related to my username just once.

    I agree the choppers look execptionally tuff riding down the road. But correct me if I'm wrong (i ain't ridden one) thats all they have goin for them. Where as sports bikes have incredible amounts of engineering in them. Designed to hold grip, go fast as possible, be stable around corners etc...

    I never want to spend $50 k plus on something just for looks. Most expensive cars are highly engineered. My views are probably biased because I am nearly an engineer ( 1 year left).
  18. Welcome down_with_choppers. Each to their own. I like the extra work for extra reward you get from the sports style bike.
  19. I have a cruiser and a sports (tourer) and both are enjoyable to ride in their own ways. I love the FAAASST acceleration of the 'busa and the way it holds tight lines in corners and is a sure-footed ride. as opposed to the cruiser - it is a more relaxed ride, forward controls, huge brakes, demands skillful handling at low speeds, doesn't corner all that well but does a reasonable job, sounds and looks great and will still do 175+kmh, plenty fast enough.

    Mithel said it and I agree "to each their own". I have never (and never will) dissed another's choice of ride. I hope you enjoy yours, hopefully the first of many!
  20. ooops - accidental double post