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One month till its legal

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bellas Nebular, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    It's exactly one month till I do my Q-Ride course to get me RE license, and I can't be more excited to get out there riding.

    Having had my lerners permit since I was 17 I have always wanted to ride but have never had the money to get a bike and license.

    Now Im 25 just about to graduate from my botany, biochemistry degree I have the time and finances to finally get out and ride.

    Im looking at getting a Kawasaki Ninja 250R but Im open to suggestions for other good first bikes.

    Im a new Dad with a stunning 4 month old son who can make me smile so easily or drive me crazy just as quick. His mum was against me getting a bike for the last 6 years then finally relished why when one of her friends came over on a Suzuki GSX600. She fell In love with the bikes and was kind enough to allow me to get my license and in turn bike.

    Well that a bit about me. I m looking forward to learning heaps from everyone here.

    Bella's Nebular
  2. Welcome! If you are going to upgrade your bike after your restricted period ends, then it really doesn't matter a lot which 250 you get... but, the advice is often to consider getting a naked bike like a VTR-250 without fairings which is more resistant (and therefore less expensive to repair) than a faired bike like a Ninja.

    But if you really like look of the ninja, go for it. Other things to consider are budget, new or secondhand, how big/heavy you are (which may mean you might be better off with a bigger LAMS bike like a GS500 or something). Also remember to budget for good gear that suits the climate. Boots, gloves, helmet, jacket and at least some kevlar pants at a minimum.
  3. Welcome to NR :). I've got a ninja 250R, they're a fun ride. Would be looking at a bigger bike if you're heavier than me though (80kg)
  4. Congratulations on your impending licensure. Look forward to seeing you here and out there. Ninjas are good, just don't forget that you're not Casey Stoner and you shouldn't drop it.
  5. Welcome to NR. The Ninja is a great choice. :)
  6. Welcome to Netrider, and to fatherhood, incidentally :).
  7. Thanks everyone for the welcome.

    One of my biggest fears is of dropping my bike but hopefully with everyone's support and advice I will be able to keep it on two wheels for a long time yet.

    Bellas Nebular
  8. eh alot of us have dropped our bikes (or one of the bikes we've owned) at some point ...the nerve's are highly strung in the early days of riding but you'll quickly grow accustomed to it...by all means if your concerned about damaging the bike then look into oggy knobs? or just do what i did and buy a shitheap for your first bike ($500 unreg' 1998 gpx 250 lol) then piss off the first bike when you feel confident enough to take on something newer ect.

    normal dribble aside welcome to netrider & congrats on the bub'
  9. yeah I was tossing up that otpion but the price of second hand bikes are near new!!

    I was looking at a 2008 ninja 250 and they were still looking for 5 thousand its crazy, though I guess I should look for something older so I can get it cheaper still

    Bellas Nebular