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One month on and I dropped it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wallace_Gromit, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Picked up my F700GS 2 days before Christmas and dropped it on Friday.
    Was quite comical in a way and thankfully it is unscathed.

    Tight uturn, uphill on soft wet grass. Lost momentum and slowly toppled down. Luckily pulled my leg out I time to land flat in my backpack and roll away.

    It all seemed to happen so fast yet in slow motion at the same time. Would of been funny to see that's for sure.
  2. Now that you've got that out of the way you can ride on knowing the bike has been "christened" ;)

    I dropped mine not that long ago, was dreading it as the VStrom is a bit of a heavy beast but managed to get it back up easily enough. I put the side stand down but then must have bumped it as I leaned the bike and over she toppled... n00b error... a bit of a scratch on the crash bars. on a night ride we stopped off at macca's for a snack and I did the same thing, though I was next to some shrubbery and the bike fell into it hehe, that was funny, was cleaning leaves out of it the next day! ;)
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  5. Ha all is good Wallace_GromitWallace_Gromit :)
    I think as long as you don't get hurt it is a rite of passage to drop your bike at least once.
    I was absolutely mortified when I got pinned under Wasabi in the drivewayafter having ridden for four days and felt like a cockroach that had copped a thong! Had some good contusions out of that one and after a few days decided it was actually a good thing that I dropped her as I had to learn how to pick her up.
    I had crawled out from underneath and nearly birthed my bowels trying to lift her, then tried madly googling how to pick up bike...was a black comedy to be sure...prick across the road just watched and didn't even offer to help...I bent the gear shifter :(
    I went on to drop her 2 more times but the fourth time was all her own fault not mine ;)
    Keep enjoying the learning curve.
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  6. Been there... Done that!

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  7. As long as the bruise to your ego is bigger than the one on your leg you have done alright. I have in decades never crashed or fallen on the road, but a few times in similar ridiculous slow motion incidents ( even in parking lot) , which have resulted in a refreshing dent to the ego, but very little damage to bike.
  8. Rite of passage.

    3 levels.

    Stationary, or near stationary whoopsies - lawn, driveway overbalancing, side stand sinks. - no harm done unless you get unlucky. - You and your bike are "initiated" Laugh and learn.

    Slow speed offs (out and about)- not getting foot down right when stopping, tumbles in the gravel and other brake errors, foot in hole, etc. Must be in public. Minor damage almost certain - scratches mirrors, levers. Protective clothing will protect you. You have personalised your bike and will be developing a healthy respect for the skill involved.

    "Out on the road" incidents - inc. loss of nerve / run out of road, down on the oil patch, sand or gravel, white line in the wet, low sides, high sides, massive, scarey near miss whoopsies count, any vehicle collision. Down time for the bike very likely; probable personal injury. Protective gear WILL help, but is no guarantee. Attitude adjustment is assured. You either cement your relationship with this form of transport with a new determination to lift your game or reconsider. Don't vacillate. It is not acceptable to repeat major mistakes. Do it or don't. By now the rider will realise whether they are capable of learning or not. They will accept risks and apply measures to minimise or should leave it alone. Stayers will do their homework to become better riders, continue to pay attention and recognise limitations and factors which may apply ahead of the effects they may cause and learn to avoid them.

    Do not think for a minute that I think that you are not a "complete" rider unless you have dropped and damaged or pranged your bike hard. One can learn as much from near misses as from doing it the hard way. It's all about how you think about it.
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  9. Lol! Yup know it well!
    Decided one day to pop past mum's to show her what a competent rider I was and that she "had nothing to worry about", only to drop my Ninja on her front lawn!!!
    Let's just say, she's still not a fan of me riding!!!
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  10. mine was left foot down on gravel slow leg split commences :)
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  11. Ah you guys make me feel much better. My wife had a good chuckle, she said she saw me go past the window the disappear to then look out the window and see me lifting my bike up. She wasn't concerned just laughing :(
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  12. my new boulevarde i just bought is 346kg i think, so if i drop it im just gonna tie a tarp to it and move in...
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  13. I learnt very early on how to pick up a bike. I dropped my brand new bike on the second day!
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  14. I think i take the record here ... my very first bike R15 was delivered to my apartment carpark ( at the time of the purchase i thought ..i'll be right the bike will be low enough ) .. dropped it ..i mean i rested the bike on its side within about 5 minutes :p

    Dont feel bad Wallace_GromitWallace_Gromit !!
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  15. That is so funny!
  16. took you a whole month to drop your bike - obviously not trying hard enough. I'm a first day clubber! You only get one shot at joining this illustrious club - like scoring a maiden test century, or a golden duck - fcuk!
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  17. Dropped the Z a couple of times doing U turns...

    Once on a sloping country driveway when the ride leader went the wrong way. I could hear my friend in my Sena saying "no, no, no, no, shit". Hit the deck and rolled out of the way laughing ('cause if you don't laugh, you cry).

    Second time in the middle of Melbourne CBD smack in the middle of an intersection, so blocked all the traffic.
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  18. I've purchased my bike 2 weeks ago, didn't even do 100kms on it. Haven't dropped mine but I had an accident on my first day of the Q-Ride.

    Went into the turn very fast, hit the curb then the sign board hit my right arm and threw me to the left... couldn't walk properly for a week.

    Am I eligible for the first day clubbers?
  19. Pretty good effort - think we can give you admission for that one.

    Still got you beat though. When I first went to college after leaving high school (damn sound strange to say that - so many years ago) in countryside outside of Brissy I used to have to hitch about 20km to college to and fro each day. One evening a Thai guy gave me a lift on his bike and asked along the way if wanted go to a bbq. Of course, so after too many beers I had to walk about another 10km to get home (as no one gives lifts after dark - axe murders) and Thai guy said here, just take my bike and just bring it back in the morning. Making the best decisions as you do when 18 and after half a case of beer I said yes, that would be lovely. Road straight into the hills hoist. That was my first time trying to ride a bike for a grand total of about 5 ungainly, flailing meters. Was a long walk home that night!
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  20. I haven't dropped my bike on the road yet but I've dropped it a few times in my garage. First time was pretty much the first time I touched the bike and tried pushing it into position while not actually sitting on it, not realizing that 170kg is really bloody heavy and the thing toppled over. Second time I was trying to bring it in from the sidewalk when I had a bit too much to drink. Thought I broke it but seems like the engine just flooded.