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One missile with wheels, in white please.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by 17SJS, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. You know, when I woke up this morning I tried to come up with the kind of clever introductory paragraphs that this place is known for. I thought I had it all worked out - until I turned the key for the first time.

    Cue an ominous whine from the fuel pump. The tacho needle sweeps the RPM range, the shift lights shine briefly before all falls silent. I pull in the clutch and press the starter, and I'm rewarded with a menacing purr from the exhausts. First gear snicks in so very smoothly, and I pull out from the carpark, taking extreme caution on the new tyres.

    The ride home is restrained in the same way one restrains a rottweiler on a lead - sure, I'm in control for now, but there's an ever present reminder of the aggression waiting to be let loose. I now totally and completely understand why almost everyone agrees that noone needs this much power - but I sure as hell love having it!

    I really can't properly convey the feeling with words (thought I'd give it a crack though!), but please, feel free to enjoy the pics attached. Can't wait to break in the motor and tyres on a proper ride soon...

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  2. :LOL: makes the blue bike look 100 years old :LOL:.
  3. Hot.

    character character character character character character character character character character
  4. At least! :LOL: The difference between the two is unreal. Now I just need to set the suspension up properly...
  5. that first photo is just amazing. looks soo cool from that angle. pipes look gay.

    but yeah its an amazing difference blue to white
  6. Damn. The one photo my girlfriend takes, and it looks the best. Sigh. I'm neither a wordsmith nor a photographer it seems! :p

    I really disliked the pipes originally, but I can handle them now...for the 8 weeks its going to take for my free Yoshi pipe to arrive anyway.
  7. Gunna have to change ur avatar to match the new awesomeness. I look forward to not being able to see you due to that FTL technology that gixxer's are famous for.

    What's happening with the old bike?
  8. I might've jizzed in my pants a little.. :)
  9. shall be nice when we go on another kilcoy loop :) White is sooo hot

    so whats happening with the old bike? selling it? giving it away to a lucky netrider member?
  10. I'm going to assume you mean Faster Than Light, right? :p

    Old bike is being sold, on BikeSales at the moment but doubt there will be much interest this side of Christmas. Lesleigh's thinking about getting her licence but she wants a 250 Ninja. Sigh.

    Yeah I know that feeling. That happened to me the second time I twisted the throttle on the test ride. The first time was messy too, but not in as good a way... :shock:

    I'm thinking about hitting up the mountains in the morning if the weather is good, but it'll be really, really early. Can't be showing up with inch size strips on the first netrider run now can I??? White was hot enough for me to be allowed to buy it, so definitely agree with you on that one. :D
  11. Yep Faster Than Light, or For The Lose if you happen to not like Suzuki's :p

    250 Ninja over a GS500F? I guess the smaller/lighter ninja is suitable for her but she'll want your bike soon enough :)
  12. congrats on the bike!!! looks HOT!...

    how much it set you back?
  13. So after your nice long post, what kind of bike is this? I've never heard of such a missile??:p

    I like it very much though. Dude when you buy a bike as nice as yours, you really need to invest in a nice camera. Get at least a Canon G10 and your bike will look absolutely fantastic and the pics will do it justice.

    Congrats though. I hate you!! :(
  14. Damn that looks nice in white with the gold rims.

    I was sooo close to getting one but fell for the Blade with ABS in the end.

    Bloody nice machine you have there, 17SJS and I wish you many happy miles.
  15. That is just sex on wheels I love it.

    Nice man.
  16. Congrats on the new bike mate, they look so HOT in white!
  17. I absolutely love it when people buy these, more chances for me to walk into poles while gawking on the way to work.
  18. Picked it up for $16990 on-road, with the obligatory giveaway Yoshi pipe. Gotta wait 6 to 8 weeks for the pipe though, which is the only sucky part.

    The camera we've got isn't too bad, just that I haven't taken proper photos yet! :D I can't justify spending too much on a nice Canon though, I don't have the skill or for that matter the inclination to use it very much.

    Funnily enough, I've only ever seen one on the roads up here. Maybe I just need to look harder, but I swear QLDers just don't go for the colour. Oh well - their loss. :p
  19. Best bike ever dude. Couldnt resist showing you mine with the Yoshi and few bits on it.


    Enjoy, run it in, dont be a pussy with the revs too, AND once you get your pipe on, watch out for First gear mid-rpm range front wheel lofting so easy. (In A-mode of course).
  20. So that's what the pipe's gonna look like? Oh man...i don't want to wait for it anymore! Didn't realise just how hot it looks on the thing. Easy enough to fit yourself?

    I'm trying to be really good and keep it under 7k rpm for these first couple hundred kms, but damn it loves to rev!

    Thanks for the pics mate - love it!