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One lucky netrider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TheSav, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. I thought I would tell this story and post pics to show how lucky netrider dcsrhat was today. A couple of lessons will also be included for the newbs amongst us.

    dcsrhat and myself took the scenic route via the Natio on the way back from the HRCA ride today. dcsrhat led the way and we were taking it relatively easy as the roads were wet. (Lesson 1, riding to the conditions) As we rounded a left hander dcsrhat lost traction on his rear and proceeded to slide across his lane into the path of and into an on coming car. I can only imagine what he was feeilng because I stained my pants watching it all unfold. Luckily he let go of his bike and only it and not he hit the first vehicle.

    the car


    Was it instinct or luck that he was not travelling with his bike into the first vehicle? A bit of both I think. From what I saw he kept his wits about him and was able to make a split second decision so as not to put his body in harms way. (could that be lesson 2?) Judging by the damage his bike caused to the car it would have hurt, if just a little.

    But it doesn't end here. There was a vehicle travelling behind the first, and quite closely, and after avoiding the first dcsrhat was heading, via a roll/slide, straight for the front of the following van. Somehow he managed to find his feet and spin into the side of the second vehicle leaving a nice little dint on the quarter panel and cracking the windscreen.

    The second car


    I pulled over as quickly as possible. Luckily I was travelling at a safe distance behind, ( lesson 3), so avoided being involved in the incident. As I ran over to the scene I was amazed to find dcsrhat walking about, cussing loudly at his bike mind you, and assessing the other vehicles occupants to make sure no one was injured. He was of course wearing all his protective gear. (yes another one, lesson 4).

    Now that we knew everyone was okay details were exchanged and (lesson 5) insurance details. So fortunately for dcsrhat as well as not being injured, bar a few bruises and maybe a bit of pride, he will be covered for all damages and get a new ride. (maybe you'll get the black one you wanted this time).

    Before posting the rest of the pics I'd like to say a big thanks to the people that helped by directing traffic, the group of riders who were on the HRCA ride who stopped and helped put his bike right way up and disconnect the battery and all the others who were willing to offer their help as well.




    Alive and well

    I hope people can see that if you take out any one component of either not being insured, riding outside your limits, not riding to the conditions or travelling too close to the vehicle in front that this incident could have been a lot worse. Unfortunately accidents do happen and dcsrhat was just unlucky. (or lucky?)

    I'm just glad that all we lost today was a bike and not another rider.
  2. That looks like a pretty hard impact, he was lucky to get away from the bike :shock:
  3. he is very lucky, riding to the conditions would have eliminated the risk of an incident in the first place. perhaps that can be his lesson.
    glad he is ok.
  4. He's pretty lucky he didn't die. Instinct can save your life sometimes. Be careful in zee wet.
  5. We were riding to the conditions joel. Prior to impact we were doing about 60k's(I can easily do double that on the same corner). I watched as his rear skipped then he just lost it. My guess is there may have been something on the road. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how much you protect yourself by doing the right things, some are just out of your control.
  6. ^^
    isnt there always? something on the road, i mean.
    not saying there wasnt, just stating that by definition, he cant have been riding to the conditions.
  7. Mac Pass had leaves and all sorts of debris for most of the day; I've no doubt the Park was as bad or worse.

    Any outcome that results in the rider being able to cuss the bike while standing up is pretty good......
  8. ...although, i do know that shit happens. I, myself, often ride with little room for error. where would the fun be, if we rode like old women?
  9. The dude's bloody lucky!

    Can I have the right footpeg? :wink: :LOL:
  10. I guess that would depend on your definition of riding to the conditions. I feel that we were doing everything in our control. If you hit an oil or diesel slick and lose the bike are you also riding outside the appropriate conditions? Many riders have done just that without even being aware of it.
  11. I rode that nasho this afternoon and it had rained just alittle and the green moss was slipery as shit ,there was only a few mossy bits and hard to see.
    I had a opps moment my self and I ride like a ..... :wink:
  12. conditions = wet, storms.
    possible risks = slippery road, debris on road, oil/fuel/diesel rising to surface, people coming the other way into your lane.
    control = slower speed, increase margin for error.

    if you guys were doing 40 instead of 60, would it still have happened?
    every accident can be avoided....in hindsight.

    but anyway, as i said above, i cant talk.
    i often ride outside what is appropriate for the conditions.
  13. Phew....

    Good thing he is able to stand there smiling at the fact that there is now 1 less Honda on the road :p

    Good to see he walked away.
  14. glad to hear he is ok.... insurance and the right gear are always good things.... because momentary distractions or stupidity do happen.
  15. Possibly not. We could also have been safe doing 20 or maybe 100. I guess the only safe way to have ridden to the conditions would have been not to ride at all. But as you say, where is the fun in that. I'm just glad it's not another cross by the side of the road incident and thought that maybe some people, if only one, might learn something from the events.
  16. At least is wasn't The Sav who got battered....

  17. Hey I passed you guys this avo. Counted the bikes and the standing riders and thought no way!!!!

    Very glad that you're both ok and definitely a big thanks to the guys directing traffic.

    Shame about the parked police car doing speed checks further up the road with little concern about you guys!! :evil:
  18. that's very ordinary :mad:
  19. Not only that. One of the cars involved in the accident said there were 3 police cars doing RBT's just a little further up the road. I'm assuming its the same 3 cars that turned up to the scene.................. an hour later!!! I told the tow truck driver he should have given them a lift as the towies always turn up first.
  20. I passed said tow truck and the RBT. They were positioned at the entrance to the park. 4 cars in total!! Plus 2 more on the way heading in! Really p!ssed me off!