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One loud gs500f mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by chickibabe, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Hi guy's,

    Well finally had my Staintune exhaust put on last week.
    It cost $160 for rear muffler and $235 to have it fitted. Not sure what model it was made for (it was what they call a blank, had never been on a bike, or made for a curtain bike). Hope that makes sence :LOL: )

    It's very loud, even with silencer in it, but most of the time I have it out.
    It just doesn't sound like a GS any more :LOL: Just ask the guy's on henno fundraiser ride :cool:. Veilspade is soooooo jealous :wink:


    With the new exhaust it has a better mid range and seems to want to get up and go, instead of bogging down.


    Mods to come,
    K&N Airfilter (sitting here on desk :( , and tune. ($90)
    SV650 Handle bars,($140) to give it more of a aggressive ride position.

    So, as I get them done I'll post here with the updates !!
    Cheers Lou

    If anyone would like to know the guy that did it for me PM me, he did a excellent job, all I had was the rear muffler and he made the rest (mid section). Would recommend him to everyone :grin:
  2. Looks good.
  3. That looks tough! I've got the Staintune that was actually made for the GS, but yours looks (and probably sounds) even better.
  4. any chance of a sound recording?
  5. ya hooon :LOL:
  6. It sounds excellent, and I'm told the sound will get even better once the carbon has built up in it :LOL:
    I will work on it over the weekend for you

    And loving it.

    Cheers Lou
  7. Btw Im getting a gs500f soon, where can I go abouts modding my bike at?
  8. Well there'll be no sneaking up behind anyone now Lou..... can hear you a mile away.

    How do I know ??? Sat behind her on the Henno ride.
  9. looks the goods :p

    I'd be interested in hearing a sound recording also if you were/are able to make one :grin:

    out of curiosity to you know what model can that is? is looks to be smaller length wise, though maybe larger in diameter, than the one recommended on the staintune website

    Staintune 04 GS500 exhaust

  10. cool it's like a stunt shorty as well

  11. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yes :p
  12. FTO, here is also a great web site for the gs, for all the mods you might like to do, it has helped me alot.

    The lenght of it is 32cms, diameter is 35cms and is a oval shape. It's not the one on Staintune site.

    Cheers Lou
  13. Bragger :p
  14. Ahhh k, thnx CB.
  15. Nice looking can! Bet it sounds better than when I drilled out my GS500 can haha.

    FTO also have a look at www.gstwin.com