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One less netrider Across rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ashes, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Sorry to inform the Across community out there that I've defected to the dark side and will no longer be regularly seen on an Across.

    Have upgraded to a VTR1000 Firestorm (still red though). I should be picking the beast up tomorrow. I've been a regular defender of the mighty Across but now I've had a taste of the 1000cc twin there is no going back. Hopefully a new netrider will fill the void and purchase the one I've got for sale...

    All I've got to do now is learn how to ride the bugger. Definately a bike you have to ease into as there is a minor power difference :shock:
  2. Congrats Ashes and enjoy your new steed.

    PS. Doubt if you'll miss your old bike much (had to get a little Across dig in there)

  3. congrats on the new bike mate
    going from class to class
  4. congrats on the new ride there mate - I'll have to watch out for the blur as you go past me now (hey, I couldn't keep up with your old ride either...)
  5. Ah the lure of the big vtwin has taken another victim. Congrats on the new steed. You will have to come in to coffee and show it off.
  6. Congrats on the purchase on a V-twin :D
  7. Congrats on getting a new bike :D They are pretty cool bikes IMO

    Have fun :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. Congrats on the new bike Ashes!! Have fun!!

    :D :D
  9. Woohoo!!!!

    The twins will take over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Congrats on the purchase on a V-twin
  11. more to the point HONDA is taking over the world
    well done on the change of bikes!
  12. :twisted: Congrats Ashes and welcome to the fold :twisted:
    Resistance was futile..you have been assimilated :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Good choice, Ashes! Seem you've seen the light - another convert: Suzuki to Honda! :D :D :D
  14. Congrats on the new ride.
    lots of fun and wheelies to come.
    Feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :p :p
  15. Before..... :moped:

    After........ :biker:

    Enjoy it mate, hope you get a good price for the Across

  16. congrats ashes! take care as you ease into it...sounds like a beauty...
  17. Awesome stuff, you will enjoy the twin, most people do.
  18. Well done dude, have fun on the new machine (as if you won't!). I'm not really insanely jelous, I've got "only" 88 days of restrictions left. :evil:

    Remember to wave as you fly past my CB at warp speed!! :D
  19. Signed, sealed and delivered. Now to find some excuses to ride it!
  20. When I got my first bike I thought I needed excuses. Needed milk one day - ended up in Marysville, bought milk, and returned.

    I now realise that no excuses are needed.