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One less canary

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mark59, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. To whom it may concern,

    there is one less "L" plate rolling around Melbourne roads from today. After 6 months and 5500km urban commuting on my scooter, I nailed my full motorcycle license today at Armstrong's in Thomastown. :dance:

    And I did it on a "real motorbike" - Honda CBF250. And it was my very first time on such a beasty with gears, clutch and whatnot! A very forgiving set of wheels I must say!

    BTW - a much more satisfying ride than my dear TGB 150.

    Feeling very relieved and just a little proud, even if I say so myself!

    Just need McLaren to win the Aussie GP and it'll be a perfect long weekend! :beer:


  2. So when are you getting a bike then?
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  3. That's pretty impressive I reckon. Well done.
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  4. Well, I reckon I'll ride out the LAMS period on the scoot, hire a few bikes over the next 12 months that I am eligible to ride and then buy a used unrestricted 650-something like an ER6n, XJ6, SV650, etc.

    It'll all depend on how well any bike matches my complex criteria - the NEED for a practical low cost form of commuting mixed in with a DESIRE for set of wheels that will unleash my inner biker-hoon!

    At my grand age, DESIRE trumps NEED everytime!


  5. PERFECT WEEKEND DELIVERED - Good on ya Jense!

  6. Cant think of the name of the hire place, but they are on Peel St west Melb, near the cnr of Queensberry St?? Give then a go with the rental, and they even sell their bikes, Anto just bought himself an FZ8 from them with 25k on the clock, looks a nice bike too. Just a thought for you.
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  7. Garners - have a pretty good reputation. Good selection of road and dirt bikes, sports, nakeds, cruisers, BMWs if your taste runs that way.

    They treated me nicely while lightening my wallet of about 9 grand anyway :)
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  8. Thats the name, dunno if the guy with a leg injury is still there, way back when I was snooping around to buy my first bike [the VTR] he was extremely helpful to the point that I rang him while I was looking at a bike, to find I was going to buy a bike with screwed headstem bearings [till this guy told how to check the bike over the phone] the seller played dumb. My Garners experience was good.
  9. Hey Mark,

    Congratulations and very well done getting it on a bike.....

    Cheers Jeremy
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  10. Congrats & well done! (y)
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