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One in four killed on WA roads are motorcyclists

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by Mouth, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. ONE in four West Australians killed on the road are motorcyclists, a road safety report has revealed.

    The Road Safety Council of Western Australia says the 24 per cent figure in 2014 is up from 16 per cent five years earlier.

    “Vulnerable road users do not have the same protection as those in a vehicle,” chairman Murray Lampard said. “With no airbags or seatbelts, any interaction with a vehicle can be extremely dangerous.”

    “Potentially, there are dire consequences that can result from a crash involving a road user
    not protected by the body of a vehicle.”

    Following a spike of road deaths in 2014, measures to help reduce the number of killed and serious injured in the state were introduced. A review of motorcycle safety to conduct a detailed analysis of the motorcycle fatal and serious crashes from the past five years was carried out as part of the review.

    “Safety on our roads is a responsibility shared by everyone, however a range of measures are needed to protect those who are most vulnerable,” Mr Lampard added.

    “The formation of a motorcycle safety review group is a great example of this government’s commitment to improve rider road safety.” “Last year, a campaign was also introduced to promote, educate and inform the community about the need for motorists and cyclists to share the road – which continues to gain public awareness traction.” “These measures are working to reduce road trauma in WA.”

    Ref: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wes...re-motorcyclists/story-fnhocxo3-1227246129503
  2. I don't know what the figures are in WA, but an identical concern was raised by VicPol and RACV at the Vic Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle safety. They were were alarmed that the percentage of motorcycle fatalities had increased, suggesting that the fatality count had increased and urged the inquiry to do something about it.

    That was a statistically Ignorant statement.

    The motorcycle fatality count had been trending downwards for years, but not as fast as the total fatality count, so the % formed by the motorcycle numbers had increased.

    What are the numbers and trends in WA?
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  3. They tend to make the figures reflect whatever story they want to sell..

    As you mentioned robsalvvrobsalvv , I can do it quite easily, if i was anti bike I could mis-represent figures like this..

    2013 - 200 fatalities, 20 of those are riders (10%)
    2104 - 100 fatalities, 20 of those are riders (20%) <--- OMG!!! Rider deaths have doubled as far as percentages go in the last year, we need to make everyone wear HI VIZ and pay another $25 for some "safety tax" we've introduced..

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  4. So there is a downward trend over 2008-2013 and given that the rider numbers have increased strongly in WA, this represents a strong real terms reduction. 2014's rider fatality count must have spiked pretty significantly then for bikes to be 25% of the total - but I can't seem to find a 2014 breakdown on that site???
  5. So based purely on statistics it's safer to ride a motorcycle then walk or ride in a car... that's damning evidence right there!
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  6. The numbers are so small, that a couple of unusual accidents will throw out the percentages.
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  7. And walking is twice as dangerous as 5 years previously!
  8. Shoes today just aren't built with the same love and care...
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  9. A little bit of analysis:

    2004 population: 1978100.
    2004 motorcycle fatalities : 22
    2004 rate per 100000: 1.11

    2013 population 2519400
    2013 motorcycle fatalities: 27
    2013 rate per 100000: 1.07

    2014 population: 2573400
    2014 motorcycle fatalities: 45
    2014 rate per 100000: 1.74

    Obviously 2014 was a significant blowout year in terms of deaths. Anecdotally there is blame on not just new riders as usual, but returning riders seem to be a large part of the problem (think cashed up miners buying their harley...). Alcohol also played a part in a significant percentage of the deaths. From a West Australian resident perspective, it seemed that every Sunday night there was another death on the news, Sunday afternoon rider colliding with a car, or single accident. Most appeared to be rider error, not stopping at intersections or running off the road.
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  10. According to the latest Motor vehicle census, WA has had a veritable explosion in motorcycling numbers, 41.3% increase from 2009 to 2014.

    But even on a per rego basis 2014's figure is a definite uptick. How are this year's figures comparing so far?
  11. Sorry Rob, my googl-fu isn't up to that. It appears the WA police only do annual figures, and year to date are just fatalities, not by vehicle type.
  12. That would me that 3 in four West Australians killed on the road ARE NOT motorcyclists.
  13. Also for January, NSW had 13 including a pillion, Vic had 3 and Qld had 6.
  14. Sorry my ambiguity there - what is the YTD fatality toll?
  15. My 5yo knows that 4 - 1 = 3 too.
    But I doubt you intended your maths to be your contribution?